Release Notes

Release Notes of inkXE, online product design tool. Subscribe our newsletter & stay tuned for new version updates and change logs. Visit inkXE blog and knowledgebase for more details.

Multiple Boundary

Instead of a single print area, you can now include a cluster of print areas on a single product. The result, you can print multiple types and forms of designs on a single product.

  1. Create multiple print profiles inside a print boundary
  2. Set different rules for different print areas
  3. Set different decorations for different regions
  4. Assign different printing methods for a single product

Product section of Designer Admin Revamp

This is one of the biggest changes in the admin. The UI has been streamlined for a better smarter user experience. Apart from visual changes, the inkXE admin has been given a few functional updates too.

Custom CSS style Override

You can change the CSS of Designer Tool according to your own requirement by writing the desired CSS

MySQL 5.7 version Compatibility

inkXE Designer Tool is now compatible to MySQL version 5.7

Multiple sides option in custom boundary and custom mask

Allow your users to add/create multiple sides for any product, especially banners, signs, and billboards. They can also copy the design used in one of the sides to the side newly created.

Object locking option for template

Create a product template and lock one or more of its properties. This comes handy when you create a pre-decorated product.

Color-reduce option in image upload

No more poor quality images when your users reduce color of uploaded images. New update allows the tool to vectorize images automatically when color is reduced for uploaded images.

Color picker popup optimized

An improved color picker popup is now more swift and effective in performance.

Design auto-resize

Created designs gets automatically adjusted to different product boundaries – irrespective to size and dimensions – when users shift between random products.

Instagram added to Social Media section

Your users can now upload images from the most popular photo-sharing site.

Image Background color removal

Allow your users to instantly remove the background of any image they upload. A ‘threshold’ option is offered to make erasing smart and easy.

Bleed Mark as per industry norms

Bleed marks now covered under the terms of standard printing norms.

Extra attribute addition.

Want to show an added info about your product. Add that info as an attribute and the tool will show it.

Tier discount.

Encourage wholesale shoppers to purchase large quantities by offering discounts based on quantity ordered.

Customized order email upon successful checkout.

A customized email with all order details will be sent to the customers after successful checkout.

Prestashop, Magento 2.1.2

InkXE designer tool is fully compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop and Magento

PHP, MySQL Strict mode

InkXE designer tool is now compatible to PHP and MySQL strict mode environment.

One-click upgradation

Upgrade to the latest version of inkXE in a snap with single-click update module.

Better UX

Top menu to showcase tool’s best features more vividly. Those options are flexible and can be changed by Admin. And many other improvements making the UI more easy and friendly to the users.

Better for mobiles

The tool is 100% responsive and perfectly adapts to any mobile device.

Responsive stage

The design stage gets bigger and wider for bigger screen resolutions. It gets ever bigger and takes the shape of the entire screen with a collapse button of toolbar. ​

New Image uploader & SocialMedia photo import.

Dedicated separate window to upload and edit images which makes it more convenient. Also, import images directly from Facebook.