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Release Notes

Release Notes of inkXE, online product design tool. Subscribe our newsletter & stay tuned for new version updates and change logs. Visit inkXE blog and knowledgebase for more details.

Acquired and enhanced by “ImprintNext”.

We are glad to announce that inkXE has been acquired and enhanced by ImprintNext Private Limited in June 2020 with more features, B2B and marketplace solutions, and together we made it better for printshops and decorators. Visit for more details and recent updates. Contact us if you have any support related queries.

Multiple colors of a product can be added to cart:

Customers can now select multiple colors of a product, set their respective size, quantities and place the order all at once. Price is updated accordingly.

Requesting a Quote from inkXE designer:

Customers can request a quote for bulk order from inkXE designer. Customers can select multiple products and their variations and then send a quotation request by submitting it’s form. Admin receives it and communicates with the customer regarding the quote placed. After approval, it’s converted into an order.

Artwork Proof in Order section:

Agent can send preview of design to the customer before the proof is approved. Communication under goes between agent and the customer. Print files can be processed after approval from the customer.

Printing designs multiple times on a single side of sheet:

For products like stickers, cards, etc. design can be printed multiple times in a single sheet. Orientation of sheet, margin for paper and bleed between designs can be set before printing the sheet.

Default feature based on Print Profile:

Admin can set which feature should be displayed by default when inkXE designer loads.

Enhancements in Order section with improved UI:

Now, admin can filter orders by date range, etc. Order section interface is also improved.

Print files with product image:

For products like invitation cards, calendars, etc print files can be generated along with product template image.

Color separated order files:

For prints which are processed color by color like screen printing, multiple order files can be generated based on all available colors in the designs. Separate print file per each color.

Product Configurator:

Admin can configure different sections of product like jerseys, which have body parts, shorts, socks, etc. Admin can also set available color options per each part. Then customers can change the color of each part of the jersey as per their choice. Print files will also be generated based on the color selected for each part of jersey.

Enhancements in Variable Data Printing:

Customers can preview the product for every member added. For ex, if customer is placing order of visiting cards for all his employees, then after designing the card and providing employees details, customer can preview all his employees visiting cards before placing order.

Latest PrestaShop version compatibility:

The Designer Tool Is now compatible up to Prestashop version.

Latest Magento version compatibility:

The Designer Tool is now compatible upto Magento 2.3.3 version.

UI/UX changes in inkXE Admin and Designer Tool:

This is one of the major changes in the admin for configuring the product. The UI has been changed for better user experience. Now the setup of the printing area, assigning product template and printing method can be done under one section. In the Designer Tool, UI is changed for Product listing and cart modal.

Multiple Side support for Pre Decorated product:

Now, admin can create a pre-designed product with multiple sides and lock some of the properties of each design which they do not want to be edited by customers.

For irregular products set different SVG for each size of product:

The product which supports full print, for that, admin can add different irregular printing area for each size of the product. And the print files will be generated according to the dimension of the print area which is set for each size of the product which is mostly required in Sublimation Printing.

Enhancement for Variable Data Printing:

Change of workflow in User Interface. User can now add text/image or upload the CSV for multiple sides of product which will show in the Variable Data list. In the print files, you will get CSV file as well as a separate folder for the image which is required for printing Business Card, Invitations Card, etc.

Listing of Templates in store front-end:

Now, the admin can showcase their Design template in their store fronted. The user can select any one of them which they want to add to the product.

Enhancement for 3D PREVIEW:

Now, customers can customize designs on multiple sides and they can be previewed in 3D. It is also responsive on mobile devices.

Enhancement in Purchase order:

Now admin can generate a purchase order with an option like tracking number & PO notes. There is also an option to set the status for “Purchase Order” like “Order Placed”, “Shipped” & “Received”.

Shipping Method for Production Management:

Filtration added for a quote based on shipment status. Shipment status can be viewed by tracking number. Admin can also specify the dimension of the packaging box which is to be shipped.

Dynamic status for production management:

Admin can also set different status like payment status, job status, etc. for product management.

Kanban View in Task Management:

The status of the task can be viewed in Kanban View. Different status of task is added like ready-to-print, art separation, packaging, etc.

Production management system for Shopify, Magento, Prestashop.

You can now create quotations and your customers can approve them. Invoices can be generated from approved quotations. Tasks can be created and assigned to teams / agents. Visualize tasks progress to meet delivery deadlines. Preset task workflows. Manage catalogue providers and print shops. Raise purchase orders for vendors and set respective printshop.

Artwork Approval

Customer can request changes to artwork and when it meets his/her requirements, approve it.

Kanban View

Quotations can be managed in Kanban view. Quotations status can be seen graphically, easy drag and drop to change status and set priority.

Variable Data Printing

Customers can bulk order products providing details of all members. For example, purchasing business cards for all employees. Customer can define text elements of the card. Employees details can be uploaded through a CSV or provided by a form.

Generate Print Files Based On Product Sizes

Print Files Of Different Dimensions Can Now Be Generated Based On Product Sizes For The Same Design.

Multiline Support For Pre-decorated Products

Pre-decorated Products Can Now Be Created Having Multi Line Text.

Latest Magento Version Compatibility.

The Tool Is Now Compatible Upto Magento 2.3.1 Version.

Latest Prestashop Version Compatibility.

The Tool Is Now Compatible Upto Prestashop Version.

Production management system for woocommerce.

You can now create quotations and your customers can approve them. Invoices can be generated from approved quotations. Tasks can be created and assigned to teams / agents. Visualize tasks progress to meet delivery deadlines. Preset task workflows. Manage catalogue providers and print shops. Raise purchase orders for vendors and set respective printshop.

User uploaded files.

inkXE Order now comes with all formats of user uploaded image files.

Select product sides those can be designed.

Admin can select the product sides that can be designed by customers.

Latest woocommerce version compatibility.

The tool is now compatible upto WooCommerce 3.5.7.

Latest prestashop version compatibility.

The tool is now compatible upto PrestaShop

Add to Cart Optimization

Experience faster add-to-cart process.

Supports any dimension of product images

Now, admin can add product images of any dimension for the Designer Studio.

Enhancement for Pre-Designed Products

Pre-Designed products can now be easily created from within designer admin.

Latest WooCommerce version Compatibility

The tool is now compatible with WooCommerce 3.4.5.

Latest Magento Version Compatibility

The tool is now compatible with Magento 2.1.14, 2.2.4, 2.2.5.

Design Preview

Preview of the customized products for all selected variants during the order process.

inkXE Package

Now the downloaded package of inkXE comes with 5,000 cliparts, fonts and pre-configured print profiles such as DTG, Screen Print, Heat Transfer, Sublimation and Wooden Laser Engrave.

Enhancement for Bleed Mark

Bleed mark for products such as business card, banners, etc as per industry norms.

Template Edit Changes

Now, you can add Curve Text and Text Art in the admin and enable customers to edit them in the template edit form.

Simple Product Compatibility

Assign product template and create pre-designed products with simple products.

Simple, sleek and seamless UX

inkXE designer UX is completely revamped. It’s now cleaner, much faster and easier navigation.

Larger decoration area

Designing stage is much bigger for better product personalization and detailed customer view.

Highly Responsive

inkXE designer is more responsive now on all varied touch devices.

Image Upload Revamped

This feature is modified to upload images faster in a much better way.

Product Color Variant

Switching variants of a product is realtime now.

Optimized Template Saving.

Templates are saved from design area only, excluding the white space around.

Multiple Variants to Cart

Multiple variants of a product can be added to cart quickly.

Description to print profile

Quick info about print profiles can be displayed to customers.

Loading Optimization

inkXE designer now loads much faster and you can experience a quicker “add to cart” process.

Documentation Inclusion

While configuring designer admin, you can now refer help documents right from there. All sections of admin come with related documentations integrated.

BigCommerce Integration

The tool is now compatible with BigCommerce.

Admin auto-logout based on session

The designer admin will log out automatically if it is idle for 30 mins.

3D preview

You can now view, capture and share or download gifs of the most realistic 3D mockups easily and quickly.

Magento 2.1.8 Compatibility

The tool is now compatible with Magento 2.1.8

Prestashop Compatibility

The tool is now compatible with Prestashop

WooCommerce 3.1.2 Compatibility

The tool is now compatible with WooCommerce 3.1.2

OpenCart 3.0.0 Compatibility

The tool is now compatible with OpenCart 3.0.0

Special Characters Compatibility

Multilingual text support.

Loading Optimization

Designer tool initial loading time is decreased. There is still scope of optimizing loading process which will be available in upcoming releases.

Default Tab/Sub-Tab based on Print Profile

You can set default tab/subtab as per print method. For example, one can set default tab as Design and subtab as Shapes for DTG print method. For other print methods, different default tab/subtab can be assigned.

default tab/subtab inkxe design software

Background Color for Variable Boundary

If variable boundary or mask is applied on a product having different variants then product color will be displayed as the background color instead of white. Further change in product color will modify the background color.

background color variable boundary inkxe design software

Set price per letter for text Fx

You can now set price per letter of text Fx.

set price per letter textfx inkxe design software

Custom height, width, area from product page

Design boundary will be flexible in accordance to product dimension.

set custom dimension set product design software inkxe

Dynamic URL

To enhance security, inkXE Designer Admin path can be set during installation.

Template edit as form fields

Customers can edit preset allowed fields of pre-decorated products.

online template edit design software inkxe

Template with or without product image

Design templates can also be showcased as products that user can customize.

online user customization software inkxe
online user customization template software inkxe

Opencart multi-store

inkXE is now compatible to OpenCart multi-store.

Design Import

You can now import all thousands of inkXE cliparts at one go. You can also upload your cliparts in bulk.

Release Archives

Multiple stable inkXE versions will now be available for download.

WooCommerce 3.0 Compatibility

The tool is now compatible with WooCommerce 3.0

Assign dimension to each printing area within multiple boundary

You can now set height and width of each printable area within multiple boundary.

multiple boundary set boundary

Set price of background patterns

For each background pattern, set a fixed price per unit. Set different prices for different patterns.

background pattern set inkxe designer admin

Simple product compatibility

inkXE now supports both configurable and simple products.

Additional charges for multiple side printing

You can now set customization price of each side based on quantity.

multiple side printing inkxe designer admin

Feature On/Off

You can now enable/disable a root feature and all the sub features under it by simply unchecking the box beside the root feature. This change will be reflected in the designer tool.

feature on/off inkxe designer admin

Set price for name & number printing

Set price for printing a single piece of merchandise with name, number on it. In bulk orders, set different pricing based on quantity.

name and number price set inkxe designer tool

Setting default assets category & subcategory

Default assets category and subcategory can be preset. For example, if for designs, you set “Festival” as category and “Christmas” as subcategory, assets belonging to these will be listed by default.

Sorting assets categories

You can sort asset categories by a simple drag & drop action. It will be reflected in the designer tool.

Theme color change

Theme color of the designer tool can now be changed.

theme color change inkxe designer admin

Store attribute independence

inkXE is not dependent any more on store attributes like color, size, etc.

Multilingual store attributes compatibility

You can now refer existing store attribute in your language.

Magento-2 latest version compatibility

The tool is now compatible with Magento- 2.1.3, Magento- 2.1.4 and Magento-2.1.5.

Multiple Boundary

Instead of a single print area, you can now include a cluster of print areas on a single product. The result, you can print multiple types and forms of designs on a single product.

  1. Create multiple print profiles inside a print boundary
  2. Set different rules for different print areas
  3. Set different decorations for different regions
  4. Assign different printing methods for a single product

Product section of Designer Admin Revamp

This is one of the biggest changes in the admin. The UI has been streamlined for a better smarter user experience. Apart from visual changes, the inkXE admin has been given a few functional updates too.

Custom CSS style Override

You can change the CSS of Designer Tool according to your own requirement by writing the desired CSS

MySQL 5.7 version Compatibility

inkXE Designer Tool is now compatible to MySQL version 5.7

Multiple sides option in custom boundary and custom mask

Allow your users to add/create multiple sides for any product, especially banners, signs, and billboards. They can also copy the design used in one of the sides to the side newly created.

Object locking option for template

Create a product template and lock one or more of its properties. This comes handy when you create a pre-decorated product.

Color-reduce option in image upload

No more poor quality images when your users reduce color of uploaded images. New update allows the tool to vectorize images automatically when color is reduced for uploaded images.

Color picker popup optimized

An improved color picker popup is now more swift and effective in performance.

Design auto-resize

Created designs gets automatically adjusted to different product boundaries – irrespective to size and dimensions – when users shift between random products.

Instagram added to Social Media section

Your users can now upload images from the most popular photo-sharing site.

Image Background color removal

Allow your users to instantly remove the background of any image they upload. A ‘threshold’ option is offered to make erasing smart and easy.

Bleed Mark as per industry norms

Bleed marks now covered under the terms of standard printing norms.

Extra attribute addition.

Want to show an added info about your product. Add that info as an attribute and the tool will show it.

Tier discount.

Encourage wholesale shoppers to purchase large quantities by offering discounts based on quantity ordered.

Customized order email upon successful checkout.

A customized email with all order details will be sent to the customers after successful checkout.

Prestashop, Magento 2.1.2

InkXE designer tool is fully compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop and Magento

PHP, MySQL Strict mode

InkXE designer tool is now compatible to PHP and MySQL strict mode environment.

One-click upgradation

Upgrade to the latest version of inkXE in a snap with single-click update module.

Better UX

Top menu to showcase tool’s best features more vividly. Those options are flexible and can be changed by Admin. And many other improvements making the UI more easy and friendly to the users.

Better for mobiles

The tool is 100% responsive and perfectly adapts to any mobile device.

Responsive stage

The design stage gets bigger and wider for bigger screen resolutions. It gets ever bigger and takes the shape of the entire screen with a collapse button of toolbar.​

New Image uploader & SocialMedia photo import.

Dedicated separate window to upload and edit images which makes it more convenient. Also, import images directly from Facebook.

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