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Sales & Marketing Automation
Quotations, proposals, invoices, and payment reminders.

Quotation & Proposals

Once your customers give their approval to the quotations, invoices will be generated and sent. Within the kanban view, you can view the total amount, check the dues, and access further details.

Sales & Quotation Automation

Perform various tasks like sending quotes, getting approvals, sending payment reminders, receiving payments, automatically sending invoices, conducting email follow-ups, and converting to orders, all within a single centralized application.

Automated AI Bot

Eliminate manual tasks and paper-based processes by automating your entire business workflow. Streamline operations with automatic payment reminders for all customers. Experience seamless conversion of quotations into orders once a specific order amount is received. Benefit from the automatic assignment of proposals to the next accessible agent, while also overseeing payment tracking and monitoring for individual customers.

Payment reminder & customer communication

Leverage our AI tools for sending automatic follow-up emails to ensure timely payment collection from your customers. Maintain consistent communication with your customers throughout the entire process, from generating quotations to receiving payments.

Custom workflow

Tailor your sales process by establishing a personalized workflow that aligns with your specific needs.

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