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All the features you need for your decoration business.

inkXE designer tool is for online print stores who offer online personalized products such as custom t-shirts, flyers, business cards, stickers, posters, coffee mugs and others.

Custom Store


Print Profile

Set various decoration methods (Screen, DTG, Embroidery, etc) with appropriate print rules, price matrix, colors and more.

Price Rules

Set price rules based on a specific decoration method, specific product, and a specific product category.

Product Configuration

Set product options/attributes, product side, color, size, etc. Define the decoration area and other settings.

Design Assets

Provide your customers with unlimited pre-loaded assets such as Cliparts, Templates, Fonts, background patterns, printable colors.

Decorated Products

Create decorated products for your customers, so that they can quickly change the text, color, etc, and checkout.

Global Settings

Manage the global settings from the language of the design tool, currency, measurement units & appearance.

Order List

Manage all your orders and product-related designs placed by your customer with the order list option in the admin panel.

Production Hub

A one-place management center for the entire production process starting from receiving orders to shipping products.

Dashboard X is a simple software with improved UI and effortless interaction.

Our new interface and dashboard bring a whole new level of experience; it’s more simpler and to-the-point.

Printing Profiles as per Printing Technology & Products.

Product Configuration.

Configure the design features and options for all products directly from the admin panel. Set your own customization rules, hide personalization features, import fonts and manage customization colors, product pricing, multiple product sides, printing methods, decoration areas, etc. even for a single product.

Decoration Area

Set a decoration area for each type of product based on their shape and size.

Option for variable decoration area in case of large format printing for products like signboards, banners, etc.

Product Settings

Bleed Mark - With a bleed mark keep your designs within the boundaries, let your customers design their products where you set the bleed mark depending on your printing needs.

Large Format Print Options - Create a product set by specifying the height and width for large format banners and sign-boards from the admin panel. Get print files to enable the easy production of banners.

Custom Product Image

Create a custom image for each product; provide a 3D preview of all finished products. All product images can be customized.

Product Colors

Give your customers the freedom to choose any color from the given color option. You can also set a pre-defined list of colors for each product.

Multiple Product sides

Customize different sides of the product and specify as many print areas as you wish.

Jersey Configuration & Customization

Configuration - Let your customers modify the pre-designed jerseys just by erasing out the colorful bands, strips, colorful shades, etc.

Customization - Provide your customers with customization options to add Name & Numbers, text, etc to the decoration area in jersey.

Choose your own Design Assets.

You can upload unlimited assets as per your choice.

InkXE comes preloaded with thousands of design assets including artworks, cliparts, vectors, background patterns etc. You can also upload your own set of design assets to the gallery to give more design options to your customers.

Background Fill

Price Rules.

You can charge your customers based on a specific price matrix prepared by you, depending upon the product decoration method, decoration per product or product category.

Global Settings

Manage all aspects of the designer tool and admin from a single place. Set custom rules to automate your business workflow.

Customized Apperance

Theme color - Change or customize the theme color and appearance of the designer tool. You can also write Custom CSS to bring any cosmetic change to the designer tool.

Editor - Admin editor enables you to change and customize various aspects of the design tool from the back end admin.

Support all Language & Currency

The designer tool supports all language & every currency across multiple countries.

Or, you can choose from our Decorated Products

Give your customers a range of pre-decorated products which they can design without starting from scratch and let them customize various design options.

Decorated products in store
Customers can choose pre-decorated products from the store and simply customize to add specific details without having to revamp/create a new design.
Create pre-decorated products
Decorators can create their own pre-decorated products to help customers customize products without starting from scratch.

Order Management

Manage your orders directly from order file, and track order id, date of order placed, customer name, order status, etc.

Order List

Once a user orders an item and checkouts from the shopping cart by making the payment, it gets added to the order file that is of downloadable & printable format. You receive complete order details such as order ID, date, customer name, order status, etc. from the order file.

Print ready CMYK vector output

Download the order file that is of print-ready CMYK vector output format. You can generate the following information from the order file

Order information file - From the order information file, you get complete information about the order ID, customer name, time of receiving the order, quantity, size, color of the product, decoration process, preview of customization, actual printing dimension, etc.

Print-ready production files - Get order file that is of PNG, SVG & PDF format. PNG comes in 300 dpi resolution whereas SVG & PDF files generated in vector format.

Hot folder - Get access to the originally downloaded product design images and other order details placed by your customers with the hot folder.

Asset folder - Get all the original images, fonts used in the design along with color-separated files.

Production Hub

Managing the production work has never been easier.

Customers, Quotes, Tasks, Workflows, Invoices, Purchase Order, Vendors, Printshop Address, Artwork Approval.

  • Customers

    Manage customers and details, Customer Details, Dynamic Columns, Quotations per customer.

  • Quotes

    Quotes, Payment & Expenses, Customer Conversations, Internal Notes, History, Task, Invoice, Quote Notifications, Purchase Order From Quote, Create Artwork Job, Send Quote To Customer, Customize Statuses, Quote Labels.

  • Tasks

    Assign task to agents, Customize Statuses, Task Due Date, Kanban View, List View, Calendar View.

  • Workflows

    Workflow Details, Create Multiple Tasks.

  • Invoices

    Invoice Settings, Download invoice, Preview & Email To Customer.

  • Purchase Order

    Purchase Order Details, Convert Purchase Order To PDF, Customize Statuses.

  • Vendors

    Vendors Management.

  • Printshop Address

    PrintShop Management.

  • Artwork Approval

    Artwork Notifications, Artwork Details, Design/Upload Artworks, Send Artwork To Customer, Artwork History, Conversations, Customize Statuses.

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