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Promotional Products Design Software

inkXE is much loved as a promotional product designer software around the world. From office stationeries to promotional company items, our tool is capable to meet your every need. Promotional product distributors and print shops can employ our tool to print logo, messages, company names and more on their products. It is compatible with all leading ecommerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, etc., which supports all printing methods. It comes with a simple installation wizard and 1 year free updates.

promotional products design software inkxe

Design Studio Features inkXE Promotional Products Design Software:

template promotional products design software inkxe

Design Templates

inkXE design software for promotional products come pre-loaded with numerous design templates for all sorts of products. However, users can edit these templates as per their need or they can use it directly on their promotional products for prints.

image effect promotional products design software inkxe

Image Effects

User can apply image mask effect and image filter effect to their promotional products. The product designer tool allows the user to remove backgrounds from their image. It can vectorize the uploaded image as well.

image upload promotional products design module inkxe

Image Upload

inkXE provides image upload features to users who want their own design, logo, photos and artwork on their promotional products. User can upload images from their local system as well as from social media channels such as Facebook and instagram.

text effect promotional products design module inkxe

Dynamic Product Size

Change design elements as per the product size dynamically with inkXE design software for promotional products. Users can change the height and width of products they want to have prints on.

bleed mark promotional products design module inkxe

Crop Mark & Safe Zone

Lock certain design elements in safe zone so that changes on other design elements don’t affect the one in safe zone. The promotional product designer software for print shops also provides bleed mart and crop mark.

flexible decoration promotional products design software inkxe

Flexible Decoration Area

inkXE enables users with flexible decoration area feature so that they can add or remove multiple design spots and customize product prints as per their own needs. It provides rectangular areas for custom decoration of any shape.

custom background pattern promotional products design module inkxe

Browse Background Pattern

If you want a background pattern on your product, inkXE is the right promotional product design management software for you. Users can use pre-loaded background patterns or browse from the web or devices to print patterns on their products.

image auto-convert promotional product extension inkxe

Image Auto-Convert

inkXE promotional product designer software enables users to convert color images to black & white of grayscale to give it a nostalgic effect.

name and number promotional product design software inkxe

Name & Number Printing

With our tool, users can design their name and number for print on jerseys. Users can place bulk orders for team jerseys.

save and share promotional product module inkxe

Save Design

Save your promotional product design for review or finalize your design with the feature at a later stage. Users may also return back to print the products with saved designs.

real time price update promotional product software inkxe

Real Time Price Update

The promotional products design software automatically updates the price in real time as the user keeps adding or deleting design elements on their promotional products. It keeps pricing transparent and leaves no last-minute confusion on pricing.

multiple color promotional product design software inkxe

Order Multiple Color and Size of a Product

After finalizing their design, users can order multiple color and size of the product at a time from the same page. This makes bulk purchase fast and simple for users.

switch print method promotional product module inkxe

Switch Between Print Methods

While designing, users can switch between print methods as per their convenience. Users can also choose multiple printing methods for the same design if needed.

text effect promotional product design module inkxe

Rich Text Effects

inkXE promotional product designer software enables users with rich text effects, which turns any boring text interesting by adding effects. Some users may want just text on their products instead of images, so the promotional product designer tool lets users do that by adding appealing pre-loaded text effects.

3d print promotional product design software inkxe

3D Preview

Get a 360 degree view of how your end product will look like with the 3D preview feature in inkXE – the design software for promotional products. This enables users finalize their designs without leaving any last-minute confusions.
The product designer tool presents a 3-dimensional preview of the promotional product before the user places their order.

Admin Features of the inkXE Promotional Products Design Software :

dynamic print and price setting promotional product module inkxe

Dynamic Print & Price Setting

Set price per print from admin panel and facilitate it to change dynamically when users add or delete promo products.

flexible price rules promotional product design plugin inkxe

Set Price Rules

Set price rules for color variant, size variant, background pattern, design area, etc. The tool also allows you to set price rules for use of exclusive cliparts, fonts and design templates.

order management promotional product design software inkxe

Order Management Software

inkXE design software for promotional products comes integrated with order management software which enables businesses to process order seamlessly from any devices on Windows or Mac OS.

flexible custom area promotional product design software inkxe

Flexible Decoration Area

Set multiple decoration areas on a single product. You can associate printing methods with decoration areas. The tool also allows you to set custom decoration area of any shape.

multi language promotional product design software inkxe

Multiple Language, Multiple Currency

inkXE caters to international businesses by employing multiple language and multiple currency feature. It facilitates businesses to set up stores in their native language, currency and can even change the color theme.

vector output promotional product design software module inkxe

Vector Output

Print high resolution arts and graphics on promotional products as inkXE facilitates vector output feature.

minimum order quantity promotional product design software inkxe

Minimum Order Quantity

Set the minimum order quantity for any product.

configurable attribute promotional product design software inkxe

Configurable Attributes

With inkXE, the admin can add or remove feature from the designer tool. Admin has the complete control of how many feature the promotional product designer tool will have and can also change the color theme and other customizable feature.

templates, cliparts, fonts promotional product design software inkxe

Unlimited Cliparts, Fonts, Assets

We offer a comprehensive collection of over 5000 cliparts and 100 fonts to choose from. However, businesses can add more cliparts and fonts of their own to the collection.

import cliparts promotional product module inkxe

Import Design

Businesses can import all cliparts, fonts and other design elements during the set-up of the tool. They can import them from mobile devices as well.

multistore promotional product design software maker inkxe


The inkXE promotional products design software offers multistore facility which can be set-up in various ecommerce platforms such as Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop to name a few.

order file promotional product design software plugin inkxe

Order File

Order files in SVG, PNG and PDF formats, which are generated in server when a user places order. Businesses can access these files from store admin, designer admin and the inkXE desktop admin.

Compatibility of the inkXE Promotional Product Design Software:

inkxe promotional product design extension magento
Magento Promotional Product Design Extension

The designer tool is compatible with Magento 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x

inkxe promotional product design maker app shopify
Shopify Promotional Product Design App

The tool is also compatible with Shopify.

inkxe promotional product designer module opencart
OpenCart Promotional Product Design Extension

The promotional product design software is compatible with OpenCart versions 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

inkxe promotional product designer plugin woocommerce
WooCommerce Promotional Product Design Plugin

The designer tool acts as an extension to WooCommerce versions 2.x , 3.x

inkxe promotional product designer extension prestashop
PrestaShop Promotional Product Design Module

PrestaShop version 1.6.x and 1.7.x take the promotional products design software as plugin.

inkxe ecommerce promotional product custom built stores
All Custom Built stores

Require API Integration

Free Installation

We provide free installation service for the designer tool.

1 year Free Updates

You’ll get free updates of the tool for 1 year.

30 days Money Back Guarantee

The designer software comes with a 30-days-money-back option. If you’re not satisfied with the tool’s performance, you can opt for it.

Self Hosted

The tool is hosted in your server. All the code, databases reside in your server. We are not privy information stored in your server.

Free Support

An experienced 50 member support team provides you 24*7 support. You get the service for free.

One Time Payment

The payment process is transparent. You pay an one time upfront price for the tool. It involves no hidden cost at all.

Free Assets

The tool comes with free cliparts(5000+) and free fonts(100+).

Award Winning Tool

inkXE is a reputed product and the winner of ‘e-commerce innovator’ award. It’s trusted by more than 500 print shops around the world.

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