Production Automation - inkXE Product Designer Tool

Custom workflow

Create specialized production workflows designed for various printing methods, encompassing tasks like artwork approval, art separation, screen creation, printing, packaging, and final readiness for pickup.

Track production status

Stay informed about the progress of production tasks and receive notifications for overdue jobs. Keep a watch over all ongoing production assignments through activity, kanban card, and calendar views, spanning daily, weekly, and monthly periods. Ensure deadlines are met consistently, fostering enduring customer satisfaction.

Track production progress

Keep tabs on the progress of production job completions and receive alerts for any overdue tasks. Supervise all active production jobs using the activity view, kanban card view, and calendar view (day, week, month).

Artwork Approval

Get artworks approved from customers, before processing an order. Effectively oversee all customer interactions and actions, with a comprehensive artwork history in a well-organized timeline format.

Customer communication

Use custom email templates to inform customers about delayed orders. Customers get automatic emails about production status, including updates on order processing, printing started, order pickup, and more.

Vendor and Purchase Orders

Create vendor profiles complete with shipping information. Interact with vendors when necessary. Purchase orders (POs) are generated following different rules, per order, at specific time intervals, or based on product quantities. Modify PO status as needed.


Generate unique barcodes for each step of the production process, which includes downloading order artwork files, invoices, packaging slips, creating and viewing production jobs, and updating order status (pending, processing, canceled, refunded, completed). Make your order and production processes faster with barcode scanning.

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