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Any Printed Product You Sell, You Can Sell More

inkXE designer tool is for online print stores who offer online personalized products such as custom t-shirts, flyers, business cards, stickers, posters, coffee mugs and others.

Custom Store


Four ways to get customized orders.

You customers can personalize their products in three simple steps to place an order. Be it for single order or bulk orders, your customers get four types of shopping experience.

  • Select your desired product, create your unique design on the products and checkout.

    Product customization with new image
  • Select a template, add templates to one or multiple products, then checkout all products.

    Product customization with template
  • Select a decorated product, edit the design in easy form-based editing feature and then checkout.

    Product customization by editing design
  • Select products in bulk, add designs and request a quote to the admin for bulk orders.

    Product customization by adding design

Product Options

Your customers can choose various product attributes such as color, size, quantity, material etc. You can add unlimited product options in the tool.

Demo product page with inkXE

Product Size/Color/Side

Your customers can customize on multiple sides of the product, try out various colors, and pick from multiple product sizes in real-time.

Edit product color and size

Custom Product Size

Users can order products with custom sizes by entering desired height and width along with option to include bleed mark/safe zone on their products.

Bleed mark for banner customization

Product Shape

Customers can easily customize on products of different shapes such as rectangular, heart shape, circular or irregular shape from the design tool.

Customize product with multiple shapes

Product Configurator

Allow your customers to configure the product by enabling them to change the color or various parts of the products to meet their requirements.

Sports jersey configurator

Variable Data Print

Your customers can design once and order products with variable data print. Each product will have a unique aspect (uploaded in a CSV file) on top of the base design.

Input variable data with product customization

Easy Customization.

We enable your customers to personalize their products in various ways. They can upload and edit images of various formats, add and edit text in the tool, select their own artwork from PC and create artworks on layers to make designing easy.

Edit image logo
Image Edit. Customers can upload images of any format, vectorize it, give it Instagram like filters, mask effects, turn it into grayscale and more.
Edit text logo
Text Edit. Give your customers options to choose from unlimited fonts, change text size, text color, text art, give effects, create word-cloud and more.
Edit artwork logo
Artwork. Give your customers access to thousands of artworks such as clipart, templates, background, shapes, primitive arts and more.
Tool layers logo
Tools & Layer. Customers use tools to put together multiple elements such as images, texts, etc in one design using layers, then align or edit the designs in the tool.

Image Edit.

Customers have multiple options to edit their images including adding effects, image vectorization, white color removal and many more to fit their customization needs. They can upload images of various formats and upload artwork from social media channels.

  • Multiple File Format.

    Customers can upload images or graphics in any format such as png, svg, pdf, jpeg and more.

    Supports multiple file formats
  • Upload from Social media.

    Allow customers to import photos and artwork directly from social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

    Upload image from social media
  • Low Resolution Warning.

    Users will get auto-warning when they upload a low resolution image. They also have option to checkout or not with the image.

    inkXE low resolution warning
  • Vectorize Image.

    Give your customers the option to convert their full color image to 1, 2 or up-to 8 color images to fit the print method chosen.

    Vectorize image in inkXE
  • Auto Converted Image.

    Depending on the substrate chosen by your customer, the upload image is auto converted to grayscale or black & white.

    Auto convert image in inkXE
  • White Color Removal.

    Give your customers the option to remove white color from the background, remove all white, or only white border for sticker cut.

    White color removal in inkXE
  • Any Color Removal.

    You customers can remove any color from the image simply by clicking on that color on the photo.

    Background color removal in inkXE
  • Image Effects.

    Customers can give Instagram like filter effects and various shapes of mask effect to their uploaded images.

    Mask effect and filter effect in inkXE

Text Edit.

Provide you customers unlimited fonts to customize, give them option to change the text effects, text art, word-clouds, text colors, sizes, give borders etc. Allow your customers to upload their own text designs and effects.

  • Text Options.

    Give your users unlimited fonts, options to customize product with various text size, text color and text border.

    Multiple text option in inkXE
  • Curve Text.

    Automatically curve a sentence or a word in a circular format. Set fonts, color, text size etc from the backend.

    Curve text in inkXE
  • Text Art.

    It allows your customers to create stunning text arts or bridge text effects while customizing their product.

    Text art in inkXE
  • Text-on-path.

    Enable customers to create text and messages that run on a predefined path. Let them create text around any shape.

    Text on path in inkXE
  • Graphic Fonts.

    Provide your customers the option to use graphic fonts, where as, you can upload unlimited graphic fonts to the tool.

    Text effects in inkXE
  • Word Cloud.

    Allow your customers to generate word clouds of various colors using predefined shapes and the words they enter.

    Word cloud in inkXE


Give your customers options to customize their products using thousands of artworks such as cliparts, pre-designed templates, shapes, background and more. inkXE provide 5000+ design assets, and you can upload your own.

  • Templates.

    Your customers can use pre-designed templates and modify it without designing from scratch for their products.

    Design templates
  • Vector Cliparts.

    Your customers can choose from over 5000+ vector cliparts in multiple colors to customize their products.

    Design artworks
  • Background Patterns.

    Your customer can choose from various predefined patterns to customize with tiling, spacing, block, brick repeat options.

    Swatches and background designs
  • Shapes.

    Various primitives and shapes to create a design customize the products.

    Shapes and silhouettes
  • QR Code.

    Users can create QR codes as per the data entered in the designer tool, without getting it from other websites.

    QR code generator inkXE
  • Hand Drawing.

    Let customers bring their imagination to reality by letting them hand draw design on the designer tool.

    Hand drawing feature inkXE
  • Distress Effect.

    Users can choose distress effects from various options and can add it to their images during customization.

    Distress effect features
  • Saved Designs.

    Customers can save their designs to come back later to reorder their items or resume designing their product.

    Save design features

Tools & Layer.

Give your customers a set of tools to help them customize their products. They can rotate, expand, compress, align, flip, swap and preview their custom designs on products.

  • Basic Tools.

    Customers get a set of standard tools to modify or personalize their designs on the products.

    inkXE tools logo
  • Layer.

    Users can add texts, cliparts, patterns and other design elements in layers and make designing easy.

    Design layer feature

Order Options.

Give your customers the option to add multiple color and size variants of the same product before checkout. They can add notes, preview their present cart, and checkout the price-per-unit of the product.

  • Add multiple color variants.
  • Add multiple size variants.
  • Preview the present cart.
  • Checkout per-unit cost.
  • Add a note to your order.
inkXE order checkout page

Edit Cart.

Even after the users have added their designed products to the cart, they can still choose to edit their design in the cart if they want to make any last-minute changes before checkout.

  • Edit designs in the cart before checkout.
  • Edit the quantity of the products.
  • Delete products if necessary.
inkXE edit cart page

Additional Features.

inkXE product designer tool offers some cool features that lets customers save and reorder their designed items as well as share their designs on social media platforms.

Floppy disk logo
Save & Reorder
Customers can save their designs to resume later or reorder one of their previous designs in the tool.
Social media share logo
Share in Social media
Enable users to share their custom designs on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

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