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Give customization a new edge

Customization features that keeps your customers engaged, let them have fun designing their products. Give them option to play around with artworks, cliparts, text effects and other design elements. Whereas, you manage your designer studio and store from one place.

Easy to use with Every device.

The designer studio works seamlessly across all devices and web browsers. Cater to the wide gamut of customers both on desktop, mobile phones, and tablet devices. The mobile responsive design enables customers to browse, customize and place orders on the go.

Supports all Language+RTL

Change designer studio language based on your demography. Enable RTL features for Arabic countries. Get multiple language support for your multi-stores under one platform.

Customization Options

Supports all kind of Products.

Customize all kinds of products from t-shirts to stickers and everything in between. Change product color, switch between products, provide unlimited colors for each product, enter product size and quantity in the tool, view product price etc. in a single page.

Supports all kind of Decoration Area.

Create multiple decoration area as per the design placement and product. Configure the product with various decoration areas such as fixed decoration area, single decoration area, full body decoration area, variable decoration area etc.

1. Upload from Channels.

Upload artworks from all devices and social media sites.

2. Accept different file formats

Upload image of any format, convert all formats to printable files.

3. Resolution check (dpi)

Auto-check uploaded image resolution with the set benchmark in dpi.

4. Color removal

Remove colors from images selectively and change color in real-time.

5 Vectorize

Convert uploaded images to vectors and edit its colors for HD output.

6. Auto convert to Grayscale

Convert any image to grayscale and specify the grayscale value.

7. Photo effect Filters.

Get preloaded photo effect filter as well as upload your own to the store.

8. Mask Effects.

Get preloaded mask effect for your images and upload your own to store.

Text effects

  • Offer text art, curve text, text on path, word cloud and interesting fonts
  • Offer unique custom made text effects
  • Upload your own text effects
  • Edit text effects in real-time
  • Change text art color and size

Vector Cliparts

Get 10,000+ preloaded royalty free vector cliparts with inkXE. You can upload your own vector cliparts as well as charge your customers for specific vector arts. Enable customers to upload their own artwork to customize their products.


inkXE offers pre-loaded templates for easy product customization. However, you can create your own templates using our tool based on cliparts, texts and design. Allow customers to edit some or all aspects of the templates.


Give your customers access to thousands of royalty-free shapes and silhouettes in multiple categories. Upload your own shapes and silhouettes to the designer tool.

Name & number

  • Customize jersey with customer’s name & number.
  • Edit name & number for any side of the jersey.
  • Create customized pricing.
  • Avail text and numericals in multiple fonts.
  • Change name & number in multiple color and size.

Background Patterns

Avail preloaded background patterns with inkXE. Enable customers to customize banners, stickers, labels, etc. You can create and upload your own background patterns to the designer tool.

Hand Drawings & QR code

Allow your customers to create hand drawn arts using our designer studio tools. Facilitate customers to generate QR codes based on their given data.

Distress Effect

Create interesting distress effects for your images in one click. Customers have option to choose from a range of distress effects. You can create and upload your own distress effect.

Jersey Kit Builder

Allow your customers to design once and get complete sports jersey kit customized including t-shirts, shorts, shocks etc based on their design. Give your customers pre-defined templates for their jersey. Set customized pricing for each name, number, print area, and other design elements.

Quotation & Artwork approval.

Enable your sales team to create quotes from anywhere. Avail artwork approval feature to check the clipart resolution, typo errors etc from one platform. Reduce product return rates and unhappy customers by preventing artwork mistakes.

Real time Price with price segregation.

Give your customers real-time price updates as they keep designing their products. Make price segregation based on product quantity, print price, color price, design price etc dynamically.

Save & share – Save and come back to reorder.

Busy shoppers can create and save their designs in your tool and come back later to continue their purchase or make reorders based on their saved designs with a single click.

Edit & preview from Cart

Give your customers the option to edit and modify their product orders from the cart without reverting back to the designer studio. They can change order quantity, size, color variant, printing methods etc in the cart before placing order.

  • Configure bundled products.
  • Make custom changes.
  • Update quantity of the product.
  • Change size of the products.
  • Select color of the products.

Hot Folder

Get all your order details in one folder for easy production. Access details such as order id, product color, size, quantity, customer name, order date, product design, print methods, shipping address etc. from one convenient folder.

01. Product Info

Get a snapshot of complete product details in one file. Automate your order management and production easier with our product info file.

  • Order date
  • Order id
  • SKU
  • Colors
  • Size
  • Print dimension
  • Name
  • Shipping address

02. CMYK Output

Generate product designs in CMYK output for screen printers who want to print high-quality prints on their products.

  • Vector (SVG, PDF)
  • PNG – 300dpi

We can produce other formats based on requirement

03. Assets Folder

Get all design assets as uploaded or selected by your customers in one folder including fonts, text arts, templates, images, and other design elements.

  • Fonts
  • Images

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