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Design Templates

inkXE label design solutions features a comprehensive set of pre-loaded design templates which will surely meet everyone’s design needs. Users could simply use one of the templates or could edit for more effects. Users could also upload their own designs with the custom label designer software.

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Image Effects

Give appealing effects to uploaded images or preloaded images with inkXE label design software. It facilitates users to remove backgrounds from the image, add image filters and do a lot more to help businesses get the right design they want. Also have the luxury of vectorizing the uploaded images if needed or wanted.

image effect sign design software inkxe

Image Upload

Along with the customization tools, inkXE also offers image upload feature which lets users upload their own design and images for pints. Users could also upload designs from Facebook and Instagram.

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Rich Text Effects

Make simple text interesting with rich text effects in inkXE custom label design software. Some effects include curve text, text on path, text art, text cloud, etc. Plus, they can accommodate all printing methods for your label design.

text effect sign design plugin inkxe

Save & Share Design

Save your design to place orders in future or to review later. This enables the user to finish the designs later if needed. They can also share their design on various social media platforms.

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Real Time Price Updates

As a user keeps adding design elements, the label designer tool keeps updating the final price in real time. It leaves no further doubts for users as well as the print shops in terms of pricing.

real time price update sign design software inkxe

Crop Mark & Safe Zone

Product label design software inkXE makes design customization easy by providing crop mark and safe zone features where users can keep certain design elements intact without affecting further design changes on other elements.

text effect sign design module inkxe

3D Preview

Users can have a 3-Dimensional preview of their product so that they can decide if the design is perfect for them. This eliminates any unsatisfactory result as users have complete control on how the end product will look like. Businesses are also happy as they don’t have to entertain any last-minute changes from their customers or any bad review from the users.

3d tshirt design preview for custom Apparel designer tool
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Dynamic Print & Price Rules

Set different price rules for different print methods in inkXE. The label printing software will update the price dynamically based on the print method, size of the label and colors used.

dynamic product sign design software inkxe

Multiple Language, Multiple Currency

With inkXE, international stores can set-up different language and currency for their respective countries. E-commerce businesses can also apply different color themes for different stores.

pre-designed product sign module inkxe

Configurable Attribute Option

Give the attributes you want to have in your label designer software. You could add, edit or remove as per your requirement from the designer tool.

configurable attribute sign design software inkxe

Add Templates, Cliparts, Fonts

With inkXE label design software for printers, print shops can add temples, cliparts, fonts and other design elements from the admin panel; however, it is worth noting that inkXE comes preloaded with 5000+ cliparts, 100+ fonts and numerous pre-designed templates.

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Vector Output

inkXE label designer tool facilitates users to produce high-resolution vectorized images so that it can accommodate labels of any size.

dynamic print and price setting sign design software module inkxe

Order File

Users can place order for files in SVG, PNG and PDF formats, which are created in the server. Files can be accessed from designer admin, store admin and inkXE desktop admin.

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Businesses can set up multiple stores across various ecommerce platforms such as Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop.



The label design software enables businesses to set-up their own marketplace where designers can have their own profiles. However, they can showcase their designs only after getting approval from the admin.

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