T-Shirt Design Software

inkXE T-Shirt Design software is a web to print solution tailored for businesses who sell customized apparel. It facilitates users to customize t-shirt designs during the buying process and helps the business owner to furnish the need of Customized Print Industry with its robust features. From Online design → Order management → Production Management → Driving Sales, this one-stop solution caters to all the needs of a T-Shirt Printing business.

custom t-shirt design magento extension inkxe
tshirt customization software
tshirt product customization software inkxe

Product Overview:

The T-Shirt Customization Tool comes with the most powerful admin panel that enables business owners to configure the product design areas, pricing rules, designs, templates, orders and tweak other advanced features. Simultaneously it enables the user to customize apparel using top features of design studio, get instant pricing without any hassle, and place their orders at one go.Our web to print solution is powered by HTML5 and AngularJS and easily integrates with all eCommerce platform like Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop etc to provide a dynamic web store experience. It can be set up to work in tandem with almost every printing technologies such as Screen, DTG, Offset, Digital Printing, Sublimation, Embroidery and Custom printing technique as well. Final artwork of user can be generated in high-resolution Print ready output files with Vector PDF, SVG and 600 DPI PNG formats. inkXE T-Shirt designer supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Chinese and Arabic, and comes with an easy 10-minute installation process. It is customizable as per the business requirements and provides a seamless customization & purchase experience.

Design Studio Features:

t-shirt template design software inkxe

Design Templates

Customization made fast and simple with pre-loaded interactive t-shirt design templates in inkXE. Users can choose any template from a collection of literally thousands of custom t-shirts as per their need. This Custom T-Shirt Design Software comes with one of the most comprehensive collections of artworks and designs that customers would surely love. Businesses get to woo their customers with the template collection and facilitate users to design and purchase their t-shirt fast and on the go.

image effect design software inkxe

Image Effects

inkXE empowers e-commerce businesses to facilitate their customers to remove backgrounds from the images, apply image filter effects and image mask effects. Customers can select the colors themes that are used in the image. It allows users to choose from a plethora of image filter to give the right shade to their chosen image. Customers would be able to add image effects on pre-loaded artworks & photos and vectorize them as well.

image upload t-shirt design module inkxe

Image Upload

No T-Shirt Designing software is complete if the users can’t upload their own image of choice. inkXE does that with simplicity. Not just that, we allow users to upload their images to social media platforms and their mobile devices. This is a necessary feature as per e-commerce businesses are concerned as most of the customers who buy customized t-shirts prefer to have their own designs and images on their personalized t shirt.

text effect t-shirt design module inkxe

Rich Text Effects

This is a unique feature that print companies can provide to their customers. Buyers who just want text on their t-shirt instead of images can now have interesting effects. It turns boring texts appealing only through effects. inkXE Shirt Design  Software lets the user apply various text effects such as text art, text cloud, text on path, curve text, etc so that they can come up with stunning t-shirt designs with personality.

create your own t-shirt design and save module inkxe

Save & Share Design

Facilitate users to finalize their design later with save design feature which doesn’t demand any rework from the user end. Many users would also like online shirt designing with their old design. They can save their finished designs for future use and reference or save their designs midway and resume designing later. They can share the saved designs on various social media platforms as well.

real time price t-shirt design extension inkxe

Real Time Price

As the customer keeps designing, the tool automatically updates the cost of printing in real time depending upon the size, design, cliparts, printing methods. This reduces extra work for the print business owners and keeps the pricing process transparent for the customers. As customers get real-time pricing, they can select and deselect design elements as per their own need.

order multiple size and quantity t-shirtdesign software inkxe

Order Multiple Size & Colors

This T-Shirt Customization Tool enables users to place bulk orders of the same design in a single customization process. Buyers will also have the option to order multiple sizes and change the color of their personalized t-shirts at once. It eliminates any re-work to be done by users which in turn makes the print businesses happy as their customers are satisfied with the feature.

switch print method t-shirt module inkxe

Switch Between Print Methods

The software allows users and businesses to switch between print methods seamlessly while designing. Choose the right print methods as per your budget, quantity, and convenience. Our tool is capable enough to accommodate all types of print methods as per your need.

responsive and mobile friendly tshirt design software inkxe

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

This is fully responsive, hence fits all screen sizes and mobile devices. Customers get the convenience to design their t-shirts on the go. This also enables businesses to widen their business reach to the mobile-centric online shoppers. Buyers will get the same shopping experience of the desktop on their mobile screen. Hence, it becomes a win-win scenario for both the customers and businesses as well.

3d print t-shirt design software inkxe

3D Preview

Users can have a 3-Dimensional preview of their product so that they can decide if the design is perfect for them. This eliminates any unsatisfactory result as users have complete control on how the end product will look like. Businesses are also happy as they don’t have to entertain any last-minute changes from their customers or any bad review from the users.

Admin Features for Printers/Store Owners :

flexible custom area t-shirt design software inkxe

Flexible Decoration Area

Set rectangular decoration areas like A1, A2, A3… and custom sizes as well. Multiple decoration areas can also be set (example: left chest, right chest, full area). For design of all over printed t-shirts, you can set custom decoration areas of any shape. This enables users to pinpoint the right spot where they want their custom image to be on the t-shirt. This custom T-shirt designer software facilitates multiple and flexible decoration areas.

dynamic print and price setting t-shirt module inkxe

Dynamic Print and Price Setting

Set print and price rules based on how you want to charge your users according to the printing methods being used. You can set different charges for various printing processes. The final price will be updated automatically when the buyer places his order as per the pricing set in the software by the seller. This keeps the pricing process transparent and eliminates any pricing related issues.

flexible price rules t-shirt design plugin inkxe

Flexible Price Rules

Set price rules for color variant, size variant, print area, design area, use of white base and a lot more. Also for the usage of specific cliparts, fonts, templates and uploaded images by the users. You can also set variable price per order quantity, number of colors used, screen cost, etc.

unlimited cliparts text t-shirt design software inkxe

Unlimited Cliparts, Fonts & Assets

We cater to customers’ every design needs. This package comes with a collection of 5000+ t-shirt cliparts, 100+ fonts, and other assets. You may add unlimited number of cliparts, fonts, and assets to the list as you please. Our comprehensive collection will definitely woo the users and everyone will find the design they have in their mind.

pre-decorated t-shirt design software inkxe

Pre-decorated T-Shirt Templates

This HTML5 T-Shirt Designer Tool comes with a bundle of pre-decorated t-shirt templates. You can create more templates of your choice, as many as you please. Our rich collection of templates will definitely meet the needs of each and every buyers. Business owners can update ever more of them. Our templates cover all themes possible, it is hard not to find a design you have in your mind.

order forma-shirt design plugin inkxe

Order File

This advanced t-shirt design software allows users to place an order, print-ready order files get generated in your server in 3 formats- SVG, PNG, PDF. You can access these files from the designer admin, the store admin, and the inkXE desktop application. Users can vectorize the uploaded images as well.

multistore t-shirt design software inkxe


Multistore feature is available for Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart and PrestaShop.

multi language t-shirt design software inkxe

Multiple Language, Multiple Currency

Set up stores with different languages, different units and different currencies. You can have multiple color themes for these stores as well.

on off features t-shirt customization software inkxe

Allow/Block Design Features

inkXE is an all-in-one designer tool and some features may be extraneous for the specific product. These features can be blocked using the admin panel. However, in case you desire to allow extra design features, these can also be enabled from the admin panel for the specific product.

marketplace strategy t-shirt designer plugin inkxe


This software for tshirt design enables your store to act as a marketplace where users can sell their designs with approval from the admin. Each designer will have their individual profiles with their approved designs.

Compatibility :

inkxe t-shirt design software extension magento
Magento Extension

The designer tool is compatible with Magento 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x

inkxe t-shirt design software extension shopify
Shopify Extension

The designer tool is compatible with the latest versions of Shopify.

inkxe t-shirt design software plugin opencart
OpenCart Extension

The designer tool is compatible with OpenCart versions 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

inkxe t-shirt design software plugin woocommerce
WooCommerce Extension

The designer tool acts as an extension to WooCommerce versions 2.x, 3.x

inkxe t-shirt design software extension prestashop
PrestaShop Extension

The designer tool acts as an extension to Prestashop version 1.6.x and 1.7.x .

inkxe ecommerce t-shirt design software stores
All Custom Built stores

Require API Integration

Free Installation

The package comes with a 5 step click-to-install automated wizard. You can install it yourself or else you can get us to do the installation for you, free of charge.

Free Support

We have a dedicated team of 50 supports staffs who provide you round the day support, free of cost.

One Time Payment

NO setup cost, NO configuration cost, No hidden cost whatsoever. The price you see is the price you pay.

30 days Money Back Guarantee

You have the 30 days money back guarantee if you think the tool doesn’t serve you right.

Free Assets (cliparts, fonts, etc)

The package comes with more than 5000 cliparts and more than 100 fonts.

Self Hosted

The tool is self-hosted. That is, you host the tool on your server. All the files, codes and databases remain on your server. Not a single file remains with inkXE.

Lifetime Free Updates

You will get free updates of the tool for lifetime.

Award Winning Tool

The inkXE designer tool is the e-commerce innovator award winner and is widely recognized. It’s trusted by more than 500 print shops across the world.