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Kiosk Support

Online Kiosks Application:

Easily install application on Kiosks, automatically sync products and graphic assets with online hosted or cloud based store.

Online Central Store Admin Hub:

Manage orders and shipping for Kiosks installed for single or multiple branded printshops.

Offline Kiosks Application:

Application installed on the Kiosks work offline without internet, users use it to place orders.

Offline Store Admin

Manage orders for a single shop connected via LAN or WAN.

Online Design Studio

Text Edit

Formatted Text, Word Art, Word Cloud, Text on Path, Text in Shape, Custom Text FX Fonts, QRCode.

Image Upload

Quality rating for scaling uploaded image, social media import, white background removal.

Image Select Colors

Allow user to select the number of colors with which they want to print the uploaded image.

Image Mask

Clip mask image around vector shapes, set border for the clipped image.

Background Fill/Pattern

Fill the decoration area with a solid color fill or a pattern with many tile-able options.

Save Design

Save and retrieve designed art for future reference or use.


Attach notes to the orders placed, review them while reordering.

Clipart Edit

Add PNG or SVG from your clipart library, limit scaling with actual dimension, support for heavy art SVG, limit number of used colors for screen printing and more.


Allows users to add single color shapes like heart, square, star etc.

Distress Effects

Use distress effect to make your printing look beaten up, aged or worn out.

Color Palette (RGB, CMYK, Image Patterns):

Tabbed color palette with RGB, CMYK or image pattern support automatically displayed for decoration methods.


inkXE supports TTF files for displaying fonts, set categories and search tags.

Image Vectorize

Automatically convert raster image to limited color vector paths, edit colors and add it on stage.

Template and Pre Decorated Products

Create Templates

Store owners can design templates and save them, customers can edit the same.

Sell Templates as Products

Allows the admin to design and sell templates as products with decoration.

Lock/Unlock Customization:

Admin can allow or disable customization for a pre decorated product.

Automatic Price

Price for a pre decorated product is automatically set as per the pricing matrix. Admin can also set the price manually.

Pre Deco Product without Image

Design and sell products with or without the product image, sell decorations only.

Pre Deco Product as Forms

Can be used for business cards. Customers can edit preset allowed fields.

Sell your online designs in quick time. Create thousands of products with ease automatically.

Personalized Pricing

Product Price

Set price for different products/categories, colors and sizes.

Color Palette Price

Assign a price for a color palette or image pattern.

Clipart/Background/Font Price

Add a price for a premium clipart, background or font.

Setup Cost

Add a printing setup cost for total number of orders/single order, setup cost for whole product/ for different sides of a customized order.

Square Unit Price

Scaling price for the decoration area in square unit price can be setup for Direct to Garment printing.

Decoration Area Switching Price

This would allow switching of pricing for total printable area, e.g. Printable area = A4 then printing cost = $20 and if A3 then printing cost = $30.

Price for Uploaded Images

Charge your customers for uploading single image per side or multiple images per side.

Per Letter Price

For lettering designs setup a price per letter for different styles.

Per Line Text Price

Charge your customers for multiline text, limit the maximum number of lines.

Price Table for Decoration Area with Variable Order Quantity

Set different price range for different order quantities based on specific print area types.

Price Table for Color with Variable Order Quantity and Colors Used

Price based on number of colors used in the designs and the number of products ordered.

White Ink Price

Add a whiteness price for darker garments.

Jersey/Sportswear Name and Number Price

Set price for individual name as well as number for Jerseys.

Additional Price for Sides

Add a price for customizing sides based on quantity range.

Decoration Methods

Screen Printing

Color price table, minimum order quantity, restrict maximum colors, setup cost and more.

Direct to Garment

Square inch price, print area transition, color price table, white ink cost and more.

Laser Engraving/Etching

Visualize your final product for wood and metal engraving glass etching.

Signs, Banners and Canvas

Scalable decoration area, scaling area price, vector order file output.

Vinyl Cut Letters/Designs

Price per number of lines of text, per letter price, color price table.


Lock scaling of graphics and text, color price table.

Block Printing

Create print patterns from images, change tile options. Know more.

Heat Transfer/Sublimation

Custom shape decoration area for products.


Sell rhinestone or crytal templates, lock scaling, set design price.

Sticker Printing

Scalable decoration shape area, scaling area price.

Water Transfer Printing/Hydrographics

Design for products like bike helmets or automotive trim.

Features from top Ecommerce Platforms

inkXE is compatible with :

Ecommerce Management Features

  • Share information across various online stores and control data all from a single admin panel
  • Easily assign roles and give permission to users from a single page.
  • It facilitates seamless integration of Magento and third-party apps with Web Services API
  • Customize your web design for better aesthetics
  • Manage multiple customer groups
  • Create and manage pages with its integrated CMS (Content Management System)
  • Easy A/B testing with Google Web Optimizer integration

Checkout, Payment, & Shipping

  • Single-page checkout process
  • Get real-time shipping rate from popular logistics companies such as UPS®, FedEx®, and USPS®
  • Payment integration with popular payment gateways such as Amazon Payments, PayPal,, and Google Checkout
  • Enabled with SSL security for all online orders and transactions
  • Estimate checkout, as well as calculate tax and shipping online
  • Manage gift messages
  • Manage gift messages
  • Ability to configure saved cart expiration
  • Manage multiple shipping addresses
  • Online order tracking
  • Manage multiple shipments for a single order
  • Manage order destination countries
  • Shipping management by weight and destination

Marketing Tools

  • Create and manage online polls
  • Avail tools to create landing page
  • Ability to catalog and control promotional pricing
  • Create flexible coupon pricing
  • Manage free shipping promotion
  • Create and manage multi-tier pricing structure for volume discounts
  • Newsletter management
  • Avail bundled products option
  • Access recently viewed products
  • Get promotional tool for new products
  • Manage wishlist and gift a friend by customers
  • It enables faster load time with its light footprint design for effective Search Engine Optimization
  • Feature to create your own sitemap or auto generate a sitemap.
  • Create search engine friendly URL
  • Create meta tags at both product and category levels

Analytics and Reporting

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Get admin report and business overview from a single dashboard.
  • Generate sales reports and tax reports
  • Generate abandoned shopping cart reports
  • Generate report for best viewed product
  • Get report for top sold items
  • Get report for low stock items
  • Get search terms report
  • Avail product review report
  • Get tags report with RSS support

Order Management

  • You can create, edit, view and fulfill orders all from admin panel
  • Enable split fulfillment by creating multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos.
  • Invoice printing
  • Create re-orders from admin panel
  • Email notification and RSS feed features for all orders
  • Order creation over phone. It also enables you to create new customers or view existing customers along with create ordered items, wishlist, product list etc.

Catalog Management

  • Manage inventory along with backordered items
  • Get catalog of batch import and export
  • Update batch items to admin panel
  • Avail Google base integration
  • Configure product parameters in bundle
  • Set virtual and digital products
  • Enable personalization of products
  • Set separate tax rates according to location, customer group and product type
  • Create store-specific attributes
  • Enables auto image resizing and watermarking for various media
  • Avail advanced pricing rules
  • Search result redirects
  • Add, edit or delete product tags and reviews


  • Multiple images for each product
  • Zoom-in and zoom-out product images
  • Product option selection
  • Avail product reviews
  • Show multiple related products
  • Add to wishlist
  • Show availability and unavailability of stock
  • View grouped products
  • Send product reference to friend via email
  • Get product listing in grid format
  • Product catalog in breadcrumbs
  • Filtering of product in categories and search results
  • It features flat catalog module for better performance of large catalogs
  • Create category landing pages with static block tool
  • Assign designs based on category and product level
  • Configure search results along with auto-suggested terms
  • Make product comparisons
  • Access recently viewed products and recently compared products
  • Get popular search terms
  • Filter products according to tags.
  • Access product reviews