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Digital printing is a relatively new industry, but it’s growing fast. Ever since dye sublimation heat transfer imprinting printers came into existence, product customization businesses are growing exponentially. Product personalization and full-color customization makes the business both, plausible and profitable.

However, the road to success in this business is not as easy as it seems. Sublimation is a fast and fairly simple method to create unique, customized items out of blank substrates, but the process can easily go wrong if you are not using the best sublimation software.

How inkXE Is An Ideal Sublimation Software?

Choosing, printing, and finishing digital graphics on items like tshirt, mug, etc., requires a powerful software. To make sure the images come out bright and vivid, a lot needs to be taken care of. Often some printers use a lot of ink that it is supposed to. Another issue is color correction. In short, challenges abound when you are into a sublimation printing business.

inkXE has been developed keeping in mind all those challenges, issues, and drawbacks people face in the purview of sublimation printing.

  • No more dull designs and graphics – Enter “whitebase”, the key to bright and striking graphics. A layer of ink (generally white) is printed on the base of a dark colored substrate to let other colors sit on. The result is bright and clearly-visible prints.
  • No more white lines around the edges – Enter “bleedmark”, the process of printing image to an extended portion so that when they are trimmed no part of the original image is lost.
  • No more bad quality images – Enter “vector conversion”, a free “jpg to svg” vector conversion tool from inkXE ( Transform any image to a high quality vector within seconds. No more losing quality when scaling images for your design.

inkXE is more than a software, it’s a one-stop-solution that virtually includes everything you need to start your sublimation printing business.

Add/edit text and image
add text and image in sublimation printing inkxe

Add text/image, edit it, remove it, reiterate.

Avail a free gallery of 10K cliparts
sublimation printing software inkxe

Popular signs, symbols, and graphic designs. Vectorable and royalty-free.

Print anywhere
sublimation print everywhere in inkxe

Print on – the front, back, sideways, bottom, top, inside, outside of – any item.

Preview your product in 3D
3d product inkxe

View your coffee mug from a 360 degree angle anytime during designing.

Sublimation can be very easy and profitable if you are using an ideal printing and customization software. Use inkXE and effectively sublimate a variety of substrates like tshirts, mugs, plaques, floor and wall tiles, picture frames, and probably anything.

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