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Spree Commerce Web-to-Print Product Designer Extension

It’s an open source e-commerce solution that offers fully featured storefronts. More than 45,000 retail stores across the world are powered by Spree Commerce. inkXE product designer tool is a complete web-to-print solution for Spree Commerce based print shops.

  • T-shirts, vinyl signs, labels, mobile cases, shoes, promotional products can be customized and printed with the inkXE product designer tool.
  • The tool work with a good number of printing methods- DTG, screen, sublimation, offset, heat press, laser engraving, etc.
  • The online print shops are deploying inkXE web-to-print solution get free support, free 1 year update and 30 days money back guarantee.
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Designer Studio Features:

User gets to choose from a range of pre-decorated design templates. Once they have taken their pick, they can customize these templates by choosing specific color, size, font, cliparts. They can add photographs, names, etc to personalize their design. Users, who are more particular, may design from scratch and upload their finished designs for printing.

Uploading of images for personalized products can be done from the user’s device, Facebook and Instagram. Image effects of the designer tool enables the user to vectorize their uploaded images and remove background of images. User can apply text effects such as text art, text cloud, text on path, curve text, etc to their design. For banners, business cards, the user can browse the web as well as their device for the right background pattern.

The designer tool updates the cost of printing in real time corresponding to the progress in user’s design. The tool allows the user to save their custom product design. They may also share their design on social media. The designer tool presents the user a 3D preview of their products before they venture to check out.

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Admin Features:

The designer tool allows the printer/store owner to configure the language, currency, unit, color theme of the tool to set up multiple stores. They can add design templates, cliparts, fonts and other assets to the already existing collection. The printer can enable/disable any feature of the designer tool as per their requirement.

The printer can assign multiple decoration areas on any product. The designer tool makes it possible for the printer to associate printing methods with specific decoration areas. The printer can allot decoration areas of any shape. Minimum order quantity can be set for certain products such as business cards, brochures.

The designer tool enables the printer to set variable print and price rules based on printing method used, color variant, size variant, design area, etc. The printer can access print ready order files on any device with Windows or Mac OS. The designer tool helps the printer to set up marketplace for customizable product designs and promotional product designs.

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