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Italian Merchandise store finds the best tool to customize branded shoes and apparel.

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“Sometimes, doing the right thing at the right time can save you from great losses, a lesson that 108AllStar learned late.”

About The Company

108AllStar is an Italy-based merchandise store that deals with many top brands like Nike, Levi’s, Adidas, Franklin & Marshall, etc. Originally a brick-and-mortar startup, 108AllStar has expanded to an ecommerce store, selling uniquely-personalized shoes and apparels.

The Challenge

Irene, the store founder, wanted to deliver a great experience by providing customization features with the items the store was selling.

Quick Overview of the Situation

Irene wanted to pursue customers with orders of all kinds. She found out that a big segment of the market was looking for custom-made branded items, a feature that no other player clamored to fill in. Since the niche has an upside potential, she decided to take the risk.

Next, she started looking for a solution, i.e., a designing software that will enable customization facility for the products.

The Story in Detail – In Irene’s Words

“I stumbled upon the inkXE website; they tracked me back a few days later. They asked me if I was interested in a product walkthrough. My first impression about the site was quite good and I was actually looking forward to an offer of that sort. So, when it came from them, I didn’t give it a second thought.

My demo session was hosted by guy named Amit. It was a offbeat experience; I was coming across was something I’ve never seen before. It had everything I needed! At first, I thought of going for it, but then it came to me, why not explore the other similar option that might be out there?

My exploration continued for an entire six months. By now, I checked out almost every other design and customization software that existed. Sadly, I failed! No software stood up to my expectation the way inkXE did. All the effort went down the drains and I simply wasted my 6 months.

I turned to inkXE again and pinged them back requesting another quick demo session. They co-operated and I purchased the license the following day.”

The Solution

inkXE was successfully installed in the Magento store of 108AllStar after few minor modifications that Irene had initially asked for. It integrated flawlessly with the webstore and has been working smoothly since then.

The Outcome

The website received huge accolades from its customer base. Everyone was awestruck with the new feature of customization on their most-loved merchandise brands.

“My existing customer base were awestruck when they found about this feature. I never stopped receiving their appreciation notes that entire month.”

Both, online as well as offline store, saw an explosion of new customers.

“I received franchisee requests from many local players after they noticed my store’s overnight rise in demand.”

Final Report Card

A trusted store became an immediate and only resource for a whole new market segment.

108AllStar relaunched its website with the new, unique feature of inkXE, which upscaled the store’s online demand to almost 70%.

Seamless customization features with social sharing and print options helped increase customer engagement by 50%.

inkXE integration allowed 108AllStar enjoy a larger market presence

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