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How a Family Owned Business captured the Global Market with T Shirt Customization?

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About The Company

My Team Shirts is a Canada-based company that specializes in custom apparel business. This family owned business delivers the best team shirts, t-shirts and caps to its customers. The company brings chic and trendy designs on its apparel which is loved by its customers.

Their Success Story

Initially the family owned business practiced only traditional pattern of print procurement without providing any customization option. Despite experience and talent, their co-founders the company could only reach to a limited segment of market. But, when digitization crept in and internet took the global markets by storm, the company saw a steady growth in its sales and received big return on investment. Today, the company provides the best customized team t-shirt shopping experience to its customers.

Quick Review of the Situation

Co-founder Michael Sherman and Glenna Jones were looking for an online tool that includes design, sales, marketing and operations optimization, seamlessly integrates with their Shopify ecommerce portal and at the same time leverage their apparel business to provide online product customization to its customers.

The Challenge

The co-founders wanted to create more engagement between their products and the customers but it wasn’t possible with their traditional pattern of print procurement because they weren’t providing any customization option to their customers. This resulted in a linear progression of business growth limiting their full potential to reach a global market.

The Solution

inkXE came as a savior to ‘My Team Shirts’ by bringing its extensive admin tool and seamless product customization features to its Shopify website. This enabled the brand to connect and more deeply with its customers as well as reach wider customer base. Today, this family owned company has 2000+ registered customer base.

The Outcome

My Team Shirts’ sales and increased multiple times and expanded its market reach.

Significant growth in customer satisfaction which resulted in word-of-mouth promotion.

Started offering personalised embroidery, silk screening, heat transfers and direct to garment (DTG) printing.

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