How it Works / Prestashop

Creating and building a design with inkXE is easy. Please scroll below to know how this product customizer works.

tshirt design software prestashop admin


Once the software is installed, inkXE pulls the products along with their details from your store. You can also define which products from your store can or can not be customized.

inkXE Admin

inkXE_Admin allows you to manage products, set print area, configure price rules, define printing methods, upload artworks, fonts, printable colors, language, currency, and other settings.

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web to print designer app

inkXE Designer Tool

Once you save all the settings, a new ‘Customize’ button appears automatically on your product page, which your customers will use to design the product within the specified configurations. Finalized items move to “Order Page”.

Manage Orders

inkXE will show your orders in 3 locations: Store_Admin, inkXE_Admin, & inkXE Order App. Choose a channel that you find convenient.
customized orders prestashop admin

Prestashop Admin

customized orders inkxe admin

inkXE Admin

customized orders inkxe order app

inkXE Order App

Simple! Isn’t it? Well, we wouldn’t put it that way because it is unbelievably complex. But, that is for us to worry about. You focus on printing the next batch of orders.

download some order formats

  • t-shirt design custom print
  • t-shirt design full print
  • businesscard custom design
  • slide sandel product designer tool
  • flag banner product designer tool
  • billboard product customizer tool
  • billboard product customizer tool
  • iphone product customizer tool
  • bottle product designer tool
  • mug product cusomize tool
  • phone engrave product customizer tool