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How A Graduation Cap Maker Doubled The Size of Their Business In Less Than A Year?

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About The Company

TasselToppers offers best-in-class graduation cap personalization, letting high school and college graduates bring individuality and personalization to the special occasion as well as send a tasteful message.

The Challenge

Marc was looking for something that would let his users decorate grad caps online like they are doing it with their hand. Clearly, the tool needed to be sophisticated and resourceful enough to allow such level of customization.

Quick Overview of the Story

When Marc came up with the idea of customization on grad and convocation caps, little did he knew what difficulties he was going to face.

After many months of research and development, he came up with 50 unique questions and started searching for the ideal personalization tool that would answer them. Sadly, no such application existed that would suffice his requirements perfectly.

The Solution

inkXE was simply another name on the list of customization tools Marc has made. However, his perception completely changed after the product walkthrough.

“There were key similarities between what I was looking for and what inkXE’s features were. I saw a silver lining!”

He had 50 different types of queries related to product personalization. 30 of those were satisfied by inkXE’s current features and rest were promised to be customized if the tool was purchased.

“Most of my requirement were successfully met during the walkthrough. I was sold!”

The Outcome

TasselToppers finally got the customization tool they were looking for; exacted to their specifications

Users were much more interested in the features of inkXE than what Marc had assumed

The website started receiving huge influx of traffic since the tool was integrated

The synthesis turned out to be really profitable; it doubled their business in just an year

“I never thought selecting inkXE would be the turning point for my business. Kudos to its developers who came up with the idea of creating such a brilliant tool.”

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