Future of inkXE - More Features, Extended Capabilities

Future Upgrades

Future Of inkXE

We keep churning our brains to make inkXE as powerful as it can get. The grounds that we are going to cover in the near future will leave you baffled, only to regret why you didn’t find us before. Future of inkXE is limitless.

Augmented Reality

See the prints on your t-shirt spring to life, when viewed from a camera.

3-D Printing

Build 3-D models related to your business with the same ease and efficacy

Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Cross-platform app – for both iOS and Android – to access your favorite product customizer from anywhere.

Standalone App for Kiosks

Standalone app for kiosks that will run, both online and offline


Connect with people, projects, and partners and use inkXE as a resource to fund great ideas to reality


Convert your online store into a multi vendor marketplace with all kinds of support for your customers

More Customization Features

Typography : Turn simple quotes to interactive formatted texts/quotes

Photo Collage : Create a collage of your memories by adding multiple photos in one single frame

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