Find answers to common questions(FAQs). Visit the knowledgebase for more in-depth tutorials. You can always contact us for any additional queries.

Support is FREE for 1 year! and is managed with tickets for better convenience. LiveChat and IM support is available for Enterprise plan only. In case of emergency, Call/Email/Text/IM us anytime in the 365(24×7) days of the year and we will answer.
We release updates/new-features in every 8 weeks. And we release hot fixes to any issues in every 30 days. PS: Every update is passed through 3 phases; a) Beta b) Pre-production c) Production. Updates are free up to 1 year for enterprise edition. For standard edition, it is free for 3 months.

Upgrade is just a click of a button, and it takes less than 5 minutes. NO downtime at all.

Yes. We will get in touch with you once you are ready to get started with the tool.

We send you a few emails with all the details of your purchase, link to download the installation package, access to support portal and login details to license admin portal (containing your profile, invoice, license details and more.)

Your profile, invoice, license details, payment information, purchase information, and more

inkXE is a brand (a flagship product of Riaxe Systems), developed and maintained by 40+ professionals. We have been in business since 2008 and trusted by more than 200+ customers around the world.

Yes. We have 30 days money back guarantee. Check out the terms.

YES – at 45 USD per hour. We accept code customizations and custom developments in ‘ENTERPRISE’ plans only. The price varies depending on the nature of modification, complexity, and man hours used.

inkXE is a totally hosted solution. That means all the files will be put in your server. ONLY JavaScript file of the designer tool is encrypted. All other files are open and you can make any changes as per your need.

Easy and simple. 6-step installation wizard, where all you have to do is click on the ‘Next’ button until you see ‘Finish’.
Yes. We will provide you the API documentation for you to develop it.
inkXE pulls the products (name, price, category/subcategory, description) from your store. You don’t have to re-upload the products for inkXE.
Yes. The tool allows you to set design areas of any shape, say a square, circle, quadrangle, and of ANY shape, and even with a cutout hole (example: iPhone case).
YES. You can load your own artworks, fonts, printable-colors, effects, patterns and all other assets.
Yes absolutely! You can disable the options/settings that are unnecessary or not-required to your business processes.
Yes, to all the languages. Also inkXE supports all the currencies ($ £ € ₣ and more). You can also change the theme to match with your website.
Yes. You can disable those features that aren’t required or your printer can’t print.
.SVG, .JPG, .PNG files are now supported. PDF and EPS file import to designer-tool option will be added soon.
Yes. inkXE is a 100% responsive, all-device compatible HTML5 product design software. Works perfectly in iPhone, iPad, Android, windows and any other hand held devices too.
You can view the customized orders in three locations: inkXE Admin, inkXE order management software, and your Store Admin. All are in sync with each other.
You will download the production files in .SVG, .PNG, .PDF formats.
Yes. You will also get informations that are required for printing. That are: Product name, quantity, product size, SKU, product variant, Printing dimension, printing method, colors used, color names, color codes in CMYK, etc.