ecshop product Designer extension for print business

ECShop Web-to-Print Product Designer Extension

ECShop is an open source, cloud based online store builder. It offers native app mall, smart shopping cart. inkXE product designer tool is a complete web-to-print solution that integrates with ECShop as an extension.

  • The online print shops deploying inkXE get free support, free 1 year updates, 30 days money back guarantee.
  • The tool supports almost all printing methods- DTG, screen, sublimation, heat press, embroidery, laser engraving, etc.
  • Custom t-shirts, vinyl signs, labels, shoes, business cards, promotional products can be designed and printed with help of the designer tool.
ecshop product designer extension, ecshop product designer app inkXE

Design Studio Features:

  • The designer tool presents the user a bundle of pre-decorated design templates to choose from. User starts designing with this template and customizes the template with color, font, cliparts of their choice. Some others may choose to upload their finished designs for printing, the tool allows that too.
  • Text effects of the tool help in further customization of the design. The tool provides text art, text cloud, curve text, text on path, etc.
  • Images ca be uploaded to personalize the product. Image upload is possible from Facebook, Instagram and the user’s device.
  • Image effects of the designer tool makes it possible for the user to remove background from images and apply image filter and image mask effects.
  • For designing business cards, brochure, vinyl signs, the tool offers a set special features- bleed mark, crop mark and safe zone.
  • The tool allows the user to browse the web for the right background pattern for their vinyl signs and business cards.
  • For laser engraved product designing, the tool auto-converts user uploaded images to black & white or gray scale.
  • The tool allows the user to save their customized product design and shre these designs on social media.
ecshop product designer tool inkxe

Admin Features:

  • The printer is allowed to add any number of design templates, cliparts and fonts. They can also configure the language , currency, unit, color theme of the tool in order to set up multiple stores.
  • The printer can enable/disable any feature of the designer tool depending upon their specific needs.
  • Printer sets variable print and price rules. They can charge different prices for use of different printing methods. They can set price rules based on color variant, size variant, white base, design area, set up cost, etc.
  • The printer gets a free hand while assigning decoration areas. Along with the regular A1, A2..size decoration areas of rectangular shape, they can allot decoration areas of any shape. They can also assign multiple decoration areas on any product.
  • The tool helps the printer establish marketplace for customizable product designs.
ecshop product design software inkxe

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