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Let your customers feel the magic of designing t shirts on Kiosk

Experience t shirt designing on kiosk with inkXE Web to print solutions. A very new concept of customization in a kiosk which enables your customers to design t shirts all by themselves. From t-shirt designing and payment to delivery, it automates the process with little involvement of individuals in-between.

How is the the printing carried out?

Offline / Online Kiosk

  • Designing is carried out by the visitors on the kiosk installed inside the store.
  • Once the visitor enters the shop, he is provided with a kiosk machine to customize his desired product.
  • After getting done with it he send the design to the server which is present inside the store.
  • The store then processes the design, takes it into consideration and then prints it.
offline kiosk design software
online kiosk design software

Self Service Kiosk

  • In this particular printing mode, a kiosk is installed somewhere outside the store probably anywhere inside the locality or outside the locality.
  • Mostly the kiosk design companies set the stores and let their customers customize according to their own needs.
  • After the customers are done with customization, the designs are sent to the company for printing.
  • Payment is done online through transaction specific cards, Online banking, etc.

Advantages of having a Kiosk

Minimization of waiting time

You don’t have to worry for the designs and chances of losing your customers becomes less.

Seamless Process

Faster and streamlined order placement using in-house or centralized servers, so that businesses get the orders with ease and can manage multiple printing processes seamlessly.

Easier Payment

In a store, payment can be made online or by cash, but when it comes to orphan mode, payment is made online.

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