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inkXE Admin

Improved UX
We have improved the usability of the inkXE admin, you can configure the designer tool easily.

Shortcuts to different portions of the admin, and some useful links to FAQs and How-to guides.

Product color variants (Product color Swatch)
Now you can manage the color variations of a product from inkXE admin. You can use any color swatch in your store. That will not make any conflict.

Product Filter
Filter and search from your long list of products.

Dimension and Price of the custom boundaries
Now you set Height and Width of the custom boundaries.
Also, you can set the Price of the custom boundaries.

Bleed Mark
If you print any paper products, you can now set the ‘bleed mark’ along with ‘safe zone’ and ‘crop mark’. Get the order files with those bleed marks.

Additional Price for product size
If a product has different sizes such as S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, etc. You can set additional printing prices for large-sized products like XXL (for example).

Orders in inkXE admin
Now get your orders in inkXE admin as well. Push the orders from the inkXE-desktop-app whereas the orders will appear in inkXE admin.

Manage templates
Now manage your templates (design ideas) with categories and subcategories.

Set theme of designer theme
You can select a theme for the designer tool from 5 pre-defined options. If you need a specific color theme that is not available in the option, you can go the CSS file and give your color code. This option will come in next version, however.

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Language – Currency
Configure your designer tool in any language, currency. You can also change any labels easily if you want.

Control image upload limits
Limit your users to upload images with some limits. 1) Image file size 2) Image file dimension.

Enable and disable features
If you don’t require a customizing feature, just disable it and that option will not appear in the designer tool.

Multiple User Accounts for inkXE admin
You can now create different user accounts with different privileges or access limits.

New Printing Profile Wizard

You can now manage your printing methods in a wizard.

Enable/disable features – Features you disable will not appear as a printing method.
General settings – You can also set minimum order quantity, force grayscale (all the images your customer’s upload will be converted to black and white)
Also, assign your assets for specific printing method. Now limit your templates, colors, cliparts, fonts, as well as products to specific printing methods.
Control the cost of Printing areas(A1, A2, A3, A4, etc), white base, setup charges, cliparts, fonts, as well as colors.
Screen print sheet with options for order quantity, screen cost, colors used as well as the white base.

inkXE frontend tool

Blazing fast loading
Now the designer tool loads in less than 2 seconds. inkXE is now the fastest loading product designer tool.

Save Design
Now logged in users can save their designs and come back to resume. Whereas all the designs are saved under ‘My Stuff’

Change printing Method
Your customers can also change the printing methods (if multiple printing methods are available for a product)

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500 Free Cliparts
Get 500 FREE vector cliparts with a purchase.
You can also BUY optional bundle of 5000+ cliparts (http://inkxe.com/inkxe-vector-clipart-bundle/). Contact us for more details on this.

Image Vectorize
With this feature, your customers can also convert an image to a vector image of limited colors. Whereas this is suitable for screen printing only.

Font Family selector
Font selector now comes as a popup, hence your customers can see more fonts.

Security enhancements while adding to cart.
Our designer tool is now more secure and hack-proof.

Preview customization
Now your customers can preview their customization in a larger window before adding to cart.

Bug fixes
Some minor bug fixes.

Desktop App

Sync to inkXE web Admin
Once you push the orders, your orders will be pushed to your server, so all the orders will appear in inkXE admin. No need for desktop app thereafter. Manage your orders from anywhere.

inkXE order app is also available in 7 new languages. You can also configure your preferred language easily.

Bug fixes
Some minor bug fixes during order processing.


Compatibility check
Before running the installation wizard, see the server requirements and proceed accordingly.

Disable/Upgrade inkXE
You can now disable or upgrade inkXE easily from a wizard. Also, the buyers will have their own portal to manage the payment, new purchases. All under one portal.


inkXE will be available for Shopify, Prestashop, CS-Cart and a few other e-commerce platforms.

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