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Multiple Printing Areas

Instead of a single print area, you can now include a cluster of print areas on a single product. The result, you can print multiple types and forms of designs on a single product.
multiple printing areas inkxe product designer tool

In summary, the feature allows you to:

  1. Create multiple print profiles inside a print boundary
  2. Set different rules for different print areas
  3. Set different decorations for different regions
  4. Incorporate different printing methods for a single product
  5. Remove any limitation whatsoever

Template Locking

Lock different portions of a pre-decorated template.

A template is nothing but a collection of fragments that your customers want to use when rendering a form. In some cases, you don’t want one or more portions to be changed. This is where our new feature comes in.

tamplate locking product designer tool inkxe

With template locking, you can lock:

  1. One or more fragments
  2. Transformation – Restrict user to rotate, increase or decrease the size, of the template
  3. Fonts – Restricts user to change the font style used for text in the template
  4. Colours – Restricts user to change the colour used for background, design, or text
  5. Movement – Restricts user to move the location of a template fragment
  6. Remove – Restricts user to remove or delete a specific fragment or set of fragments of a template
  7. Lock All – A locking feature that allows you to lock every property of a template.

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