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Vector output in our product configurator: Vectors are the easiest way to manage graphics – ask any designer. Our Product Configurator hence gives you that freedom too. Vectors mean there are no pixel issues and distortions.

There is no limit to sizes, as they scale without loss of quality, unlike raster images. inkXE outputs SVG, PDF and PNG for an easy to use experience. The outputs are directly fed to the printer so that you can immediately process the ship the orders.

Vector Output In Our Product Configurator

inkXE takes care of printing businesses that are into banners and billboard printings. The vector outputs are easy to scale for flex board printing of any size. There is a sample of the output on the features page.

Please download and check. inkXE is available for Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce as well as for custom stores. We are in the process of building a version for other e-commerce stores. Contact us for more details.

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Contact us for any query via email, live chat or skype. We are also looking for resellers in different regions. If you are interested in a fruitful mutually beneficial business relationship, contact info@inkxe.com.

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