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As prospects, clients ask a lot of questions during product walkthrough sessions. Similarly, as service providers, our professionals try their best to provide answers.

When it comes to product walkthrough sessions, clients have a lot of questions to ask. Well, that’s quite justified. Afterall, it’s a crucial business investment and they need to be completely sure if they are making the right call.

We asked our demo engineers – who BTW are always in action – what were the most frequently asked questions asked by prospects during a product walkthrough sessions. No doubt the list was long.

We have filtered out the top 10 questions; with the answers obviously. Go ahead and take a look. We also think you might take this as an example to know what questions you must pose from a business perspective when purchasing a product designer tool.

Question #1

inkxe-product desinger tool

With inkXE, your customers can easily add/upload images to their designs. Also, there is no limit to the number of images your customers want to upload.

Question #2

product designer tool for magento extention - inkxe

Our product design software is regularly updated and clients can easily update them for free from the admin. We send clients a mail alert whenever there is an update. They can choose to update it by themselves or ask us do it for them. Again, it’s free.

Question #3

angular product cutomization tool - inkxe

Create and upload your own artworks in the admin anytime. inkXE comes with its own gallery of cliparts and you can always add any amount to the collection in the admin. You can keep updating the gallery with new cliparts to give your customers something new everytime.

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Question #4

product customization software - inkxe

It’s quite the opposite! inkXE package ranges from $1499-$3999, which is for lifetime. This means, you don’t have to spend another penny in the future for our designer tool. Other online tools basically come in the form of monthly packages priced at minimum $200. In other words, what you pay for inkXE is only the first year’s total price of some other software.

Question #5

woocommerce product designer tool

inkXE is the only existing product customization software that can help you design or customize almost any kind of product. Tshirt, cap, coffee mug, business cards, billboards, you name it!. And, it doesn’t end there. It also supports all types of printing methods such as screen printing, sublimation, DTG, and more.

Question #6

opencart product designer tool - inkxe

You can enable as well as disable any existing feature provided in our online designer tool. We understand businesses are not always fully equipped to offer every feature we have made available. That’s why you have the option to disable or enable any feature.

Question #7

shopify product customization software - inkxe

Creating product templates makes its easy and less time consuming for your customers. Now, what if you could do that for any kind of product you want? That’s what is possible with inkXE. You customers can choose pre-decorated templates instead of starting from scratch..

Question #8

web to print ecommerce software - inkxe

Customers often ask us if we will be able to view their orders, customization details, customer data, as well as any other kind of information.
inkXE is completely hosted on your server. Only you will be able to view the details and no one else can.

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Question #9

product customization tool inkxe

You can also ask us to make additional customizations to the designer tool if your website requires of it. We give our best to fine tune the tool and turn it into a real component of your store.

Question #10

responsive product designer tool inkxe

inkXE is responsive. The designer tool easily accommodates to any type of screen your customers are using.

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