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Screen printing can be a tedious task and requires a bit of manual effort. However, if you are a medium or large scale screen printer, you cannot afford to have a manual process under your roof.

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What are the Top 10 Automatic Screen Printing Machines? There are a number of automatic screen printing machines available but we have boiled it down to just the best 10 that you should get if you are serious of your screen printing business.

These machines are designed to handle high volumes of orders, complicated pints and faster output. Here is the list of top 10 machines in order, more on it is described further.

  1. M&R Stryker Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press
  2. MHM S Type Xtreme
  4. Brown ElectraPrint Automatic Textile Printer
  5. MHM iQ-Oval Compact
  6. Workhorse Freedom express series
  7. RPM Revolution series
  8. Tas Hawk HX20
  9. Anatol Titan M Automatic Screen Printing Machine
  10. Printex Hurricane SL

You need to automate these process and you need a way to print thousands of screen-printed machines at a time.

So, here we have come up with a list of top 10 automatic screen printing machines you need to run your print business like a pro.

Here is a list Top 10 Automatic Screen Printing Machines


1. M&R Stryker Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press

M&R Stryker Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press

It is a versatile and affordable oval screen printing press available. M&R’s Stryker™ is a 10-station based module and can be expanded to create 16, 22, 28, up to 52 station configurations. There are no restrictions on printhead placement. All other stations can support printheads and any station can be left open. It can be tailored to any production requirement.


2. MHM S Type Xtreme

MHM S Type Xtreme

The S-Type Xtreme comes with advanced features that are much needed in large-scale print shops. Some of the features include M-Touch Pro tablet/pad style main command unit with WiFi connectivity; self-diagnostic operating system; batch counter; print job memory storage; and many more. It comes in 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 number of pallets. For established screen printers this is the perfect automatic screen printing machine.

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The ROQprint Eco incorporates ROQ’s latest technological innovations. It ranges from a minimum of 12 pallets to maximum of 20 pallets and from a minimum of 1 colour up to 18 colours. This is suitable for the most demanding of printers as it is efficient and is capable to output a maximum of 1300 pieces per hour. This is particularly efficient in printing with water-based inks and the printer can manage the time that the screen is in contact with the hot pallets. Less time in contact means less evaporation of the inks, which leads to fewer stops during the printing of the job.


4. Brown ElectraPrint Automatic Textile Printer


Brown ElectraPrint Automatic Textile Printer

The Electraprint model makes printing less expensive to operate. They are proven to produce a more consistent result compared to an air driven system. Being completely electric, this eliminates any risk of expensive airline and valve contamination. There is no need of expensive air compressor, air chiller, regulators etc. Simply plugin in the printer and you are good to go.


5. MHM iQ-Oval Compact


MHM iQ-Oval Compact

iQ Oval machines are modular and can be configured for almost any production requirement and can be expanded in the future. It accommodates with you growing screen printing requirement. When you production requirements grow, simply add additional stations and colours to your current configuration. It can be configured to have a maximum of 60 stations. It comes with the iDS intelligent drive system which offers super smooth and accurate high-speed movement.

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6. Workhorse Freedom express series

Workhorse Freedom express series

This is a fully pneumatic press powered by Workhorse OS and has everything you need to tackle the transition from manual to automatic printing. It is the perfect entry-level automatic screen printing press. It features a 6 colour, 8 station system with 15″ x 15″ Print Area. For printers willing to automate their production, the Freedom express series is perfect for them.


7. RPM Revolution series

RPM Revolution series


The RPM Revolution series features 14 colour press. The new Color Electric Revolution is fitted with an Electric Servo Crank for low maintenance and high-speed performance. It comes with electric driven printheads for consistent power and digital control of stroke settings. It features programmable multi-stroke settings per head (5x). Other features include independent squeegee flood bar lift and side screen holders for easy flash insertion and screen removal even with the squeegee and flood bar in position.


8. Tas Hawk HX20

Tas Hawk HX20


The HAWK HX20 series is perfect for medium-scale screen printers. It comes with a standard print area up to 50 x 63 cm (20” x 25”). It is the most popular model of TAS. The HAWK series is available in up to 16 colours upon request. It can accommodate 20 colour, 22 stations, and features electric print heads with max outside frame size of 660mm X 940mm (26” X 37”) and max print area of 508MM X 635mm (20” X 25”).


9. Anatol Titan M Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Anatol Titan M Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Anatol Titan screen printing machines can last even in the busiest industrial setting running several shifts. It features a heavy-duty rolled steel frame to give smooth cycles and help eliminate vibration. It comes with the most common print area of 16” x 18.” The Titan M model is perfect for the industrial setting. So, if you are planning to expand your production quantity the Anatol Titan M automatic screen printing machine is perfect for you.

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10. Printex Hurricane SL

Printex Hurricane SL


It is a fully equipped compact machine, with AC drove print heads as well as features servo INDEXER rotation system. There are control keypad systems on every head. The software accompanies the machine hardware setup such as multi print flashing, fully implemented IR Quartz flashes, a half index in both directions, etc.

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What Do I Need to Start a Home Screen Printing Business? Your home screen printing supplies should include:

  1. Screen and frame (~$15)
  2. Photo emulsion and sensitizer (~$20).
  3. A 250-watt bulb (~$5)
  4. Latex gloves
  5. A pitch black room
  6. A t-shirt
  7. Squeegee (~$15)
  8. Silk Screen Fabric Ink (~$5)
  9. Small piece of cardboard

What is the Cost of Starting a Home Screen Printing Business? It is relatively cheaper compared to starting a DTG printing business. A basic printer would cost nearly $10,000; supplies would cost nearly $5,000; setting up a website will cost nearly $500; and other advertising would cost nearly $5,000; so, you can expect to spend nearly $21,000 initially to starting a basic screen printing business. 

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What is the Cost of Each Screen Print? For a 1 color print on a cotton t-shirt would range from $5 to $9 per t-shirt. For a 6 color print for 72 shirts, it would take less than 30 minutes and would cost nearly $600 in total or nearly $8 per t-shirt.

What are the tools needed for screen printing? The minimum set of tool you would need includes screens, squeezes, emulsion, fillers, clamp, plastic glass, acetate, lightbox, masking tape, mesh sheets, gloves, aprons, stencils, etc.

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