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New Text-on-Path Feature in inkXE

inkXE is one of the few HTML5 T-Shirt Design Tool that is continuously upgrading itself periodically. Text-on-Path is being updated now. The new Text-on-Path will be super dynamic in nature. We have already rolled-out this feature in our product updates.

This super dynamic Text-on-Path now lets users design and customize the path points. This will help customers have complete creative control over their design – which is the whole underlying goal of inkXE. It has become the tool that industry has been lacking so far. The super dynamic Text-on-Path is going to bring inkXE one step closer to this target. We have updated the demo. Feedback is welcome!

We had to add this new features because of its demand in the market. We did some serious code to get this done. After adding the feature of text-on-path, we will be rolling-out numerous other text effect features such as word cloud, curved text, formatted text, text in shape, as well as QR code. Other designer studio features include clipart edit, image upload, shapes, distress effect, image mask, multiple fonts, image vectorizer, background pattern, etc.

Book your in-person live demo today to experience our extensive set of features and also find out how inkXE can help your business grow and keep your customer happy.

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inkXE, the HTML5 T-Shirt Design Tool is now available for Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce and also custom e-commerce stores. There is an offer this month – 10% discount on all packages. Use the coupon code ENT10APR30 at the payment page to avail it. inkXE comes in 3 packages – basic, advanced and enterprise. Custom packages are also available; whereas,  one can choose the modules you want and pay only for them. This can help save costs, right to a feature. The pricing page has all the details. Feel free to contact inkXE via email, Skype or live chat for any information.

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