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There are two major user expectations from a good product designer tool. One is, the product customizer should facilitate easy and smooth customization. Secondly, a product customization module will give the customer freedom of choice in terms of the customization options. One can find very few product designer plugins in the market which fulfill the requirements of both the customer and the printer.

The inkXE product designer tool comes close to doing the job.

Design Studio Features of inkXE product designer tool:

  • The tool provides the user pre-decorated product design templates to customize. They have a wide range of choices in terms of text effects and image effects with which to improve their designs.
  • The product designer tool allows the user to upload their images from Facebook and Instagram. They can browse the web for background patterns for their products such as banners and mobile covers.
  • For laser engraving, the designer tool auto-converts images uploaded by the user to black & white or grayscale.
  • For business cards, banners, brochures, the product designer plugin has a set of special features, bleed mark and safe zone. This feature protects the user’s design from being cut away by the printer.
  • The product designer tool enables the user to switch between printing methods and order multiple products of the same design at one go.
  • The user can save their designs for future use and reference. They can get a 3-dimensional preview of their products before placing an order.

Admin Features of inkXE product designer tool:

  • The tool helps the printer to set up a marketplace for product designs. It enables them to create profiles for each designer who will showcase their designs for sale after you approve the designs.
  • The inkXE product designer tool is programmed to give vector outputs, so the printer can expect to get high-resolution prints for every product.
  • The product designer module allows the printer to set dynamic print and pricing rules based on the printing method used, color variant, size variant, design area, uploaded images, use of exclusive clipart/design templates, etc.
  • The admin/printer can set multiple decoration areas on a single piece of product. They may assign printing methods to specific decoration areas.
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inkXE product designer module is compatible with all major e-commerce platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart. Whereas it supports almost all printing methods, screen, DTG, sublimation, embroidery, foil, etc. The tool is able to custom design any product such as t-shirts, banners, team jerseys. It can also customize stickers, wall decals, helmets, calendars, floor mats, photo frames, shoes, laptop skins, etc.

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