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How can a product design software help bring more business? E-commerce websites are popping up from every corner of the online market. What makes a difference is when the company is also offering product customization. According to a survey, customization-enabled products elevate consumer loyalty and engagement.

A Mint survey claims that more than 30% of online customers look for product customizing while buying. If we go with that then 30% of online sales of customized products could easily equate to a market of $500 billion per year.

The signs of a great product design software

It all comes down to but one thing, i.e., product customizer. How amazing is the tool that you have integrated with your e-commerce store?

Whether your audience is liking it, etc., are some questions you need to ask yourself. A great customizer tool can help bring more business in a myriad of ways – product design software.

  • Unique customization features – When you are given the choice to customize your own t-shirt, it should come without limitations. Tools that offer limitless design and configuration options for your web-to-print ready solutions are highly customer-centric.
  • Customers stay longer on the website – Tools that are fast and offer countless options are enough to keep your customers hooked for longer. And, the longer a customer stays, the higher is the probability of conversion.
  • People love owning designs – With customization, you give your purchasers an option to create great design and call it their own. However, the product design software must have built sophistication to objectify their purpose.
  • It’s been the driving force behind the website’s’ success: A cutting-edge, responsive, and highly dynamic product design software is the key to a successful web commerce store.
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A customer-centric company takes personalization not just as a feature, but as a core value of how they do business.

For an increasing number of websites, inkXE is the best product design software or product customization tool they have used so far. Use it yourself and find out what you’ve been missing.

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