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Why do we claim inkXE as one of the most advanced Product Design Tools in the market? Many things but chiefly – features! It probably has the highest number of features among all tools of its kind.

Mentioning ‘kind’, it is actually quite unique; Features that make most other tools seem redundant.

inkXE – the fully loaded Product Design Tool

inkXE has comprehensive text features like Curve Text, Bridge Text, Text-on-Path, Word Cloud, TextFX, Text Art as well as Names & Numbers. Along with detailed formatting options, you can add as many fonts as you like. Under the graphics tab, there are ClipArt, Template, QR Code, Shapes, Hand Drawing, Image Upload, Distress effect and image editing options like Mask, Filter, and enhancements. Apart from that, there are layers, grouping-ungrouping, zoom, alignment as well as other adjustment features.

inkXE gives your customers experience, unlike any other product design tool. We have carefully designed the user-interface to meet your exact business needs. Furthermore, the theme is responsive, that is, it fits mobile devices and larger screens alike. We are planning a mobile app for the future.

For the printshop owners, the back-end or inkXE admin features all the control options. Here you can fix price index, design templates, set printing options, and control all the design-related functionaries that you want the customers to access. Most importantly, you get to manage the entire order-to-delivery process.

Once a user orders an item and checkouts from the shopping cart by making the payment, it gets added to the order file that is of downloadable & printable format. You receive complete order details such as order ID, date, customer name, order status, etc. from the order file. You download the orde information in print-ready CMKY vector output file that is of SVG, PDF or PNG format. Further, use this print-ready file to undergo respective printing processes.

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Contact us for any query via email, live chat or skype. We are also looking for resellers in different regions. If you are interested in a fruitful mutually beneficial business relationship, contact info@inkxe.com.


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