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The R&D lab of inkXE product design tool is an interesting place. One of our developers has recently come up with a new feature – laser engraving. Laser Engraving is a process of etching onto surfaces like wood, acrylic, glass, plastic, etc using laser technology.

Laser engraving will be a good addition to inkXE’s functionalities. It will open up a new window of possibilities. The research team at inkXE is genuinely hopeful of a huge market catering to this particular functionality. In Laser engraving, the process is almost similar to a printer. Instead of printing, etching is actually what happens. When a ‘print’ command is given to the printer, a CO2 laser beam will engrave and cut the design inputted onto the material. As the laser light beam falls onto the surface, there is no physical contact. Hence, there is no need to hold the printable surface or printing material as such. This ensures a higher precision level and also gives the advantage to carve delicate surfaces perfectly, with fewer chances of damage.

The printing methods is also an extremely quick process. This makes it great to custom design your products. The future would be as simple as – logging on to an e-commerce store having inkXE laser engraving tool, designing on it as well as placing an order. The printer would take minutes to produce your etched glass, ceramic or metal. Stay tuned for more information, inkXE will fire up its lasers this year!

Laser engraving has become the favorite choice of printing method among professionals and business personalities. Because of its printing finish and accuracy, it has emerged as a popular printing option. Which is why we added this feature to help online businesses expand their products and services.

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