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Lifetime licenses – Self Hosted – inkXE – Product Designer: inkXE is one of the most affordable product design tools on the market. Unlike other tools, where businesses pay a monthly/yearly subscription, inkXE has no such recurring costs. Host InkXE locally on your server, hence there is no cloud dependency here. It gives you complete control over your tool and business. Available in Lifetime License packages, which means you don’t ever have to pay a penny again for the tool.

Comes with Lifetime License – inkXE 

inkXE gives financial independence in view of future price hikes which is a prevalent activity amongst most subscriber-based licenses. Transparent pricing makes our product a very valuable investment in your business. At no point in the future, would you have to worry about the change in plans and expenses? Switch to inkXE today and free yourself from the yearly premiums, and also get an experience unlike any other designer tool in the market.

With its lifetime license comes a bundle of features not only for your business but also for your customers. We make sure that our tool increases your productivity and sales as well as provides ease of use to your customers. Our designers have created the application to enable your customers to stay hooked on the application for more recurring sales.

Here are some of our features of Product Designer:

Kiosk support: Take orders from multiple locations without setting-up a physical store. Provide a complete solution through a connected network.

Online design studio: with an online design studio you get multiple features such as text edit, clipart edit, image upload, change colors, create distress effects, give image mask, change fonts, vectorize an image and much more features in one tool.

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Template and Pre Decorated Products: Store owners can create templates, sell templates as products, allow or disable customization, create automatic pricing, etc., from one tool.

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Contact us for any query via email, live chat or skype. We are also looking for resellers in different regions. If you are interested in a fruitful mutually beneficial business relationship, contact info@inkxe.com

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