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Screen printing is different from other printing techniques. It typically limits to 1-4 colors and printers can use it for a maximum of 8 colors. This is where inkXE comes to the rescue.

screen print limited colors

Managing images uploaded by customers with Screen Printing can be a big headache for the customized apparels business.

inkXE introduces automatic conversion as well as preview of images to reduced colors from the color palette as shown below.


Color Reduce Image

Printers normally calculate the cost of screen printing from the number of colors and the print area used.

Whereas users can choose the number of colors they want their images to reduce according to their calculated cost. They can also change and merge different colors

Reduce Color Image HTML5 JS

inkXE is the product design software and a part of Riaxe Systems as the flagship product in the year 2012. This software is for print shops and product customization businesses to sell custom apparel, signage, and personalized promotional products. It’s a product of decade-old company and trusted by 500+ delighted stores across the globe for its advanced customization features & powerful admin system.

It’s managed and maintained by a team of 50+ professionals & continuously innovating with insights from business requirements to build a stronger business. inkXE is loved for its flexibility to seamlessly work with all ecommerce platforms and facilitate various printing methods such as sublimation, screen printing, offset, digital printing etc. Grow your business with its smart functionalities and cost-effective pricing.

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