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We released a new version of inkXE (Version 5.0) that includes inkXE Admin Illustrator. We added new features, improved the usability, enhanced performance. The following information will be updated soon. Please contact us if you have any queries.

This inkXE Admin Illustrator guide will help you understand how to create a product mask for inkXE Admin in illustrator. Please follow the steps below, and if you still have any difficulty, then contact us. The following guideline is in reference to illustrator. You are free to choose any other similar software of your choice.

– The document size must be 500×500 pixels.
– Place your product in a layer as reference.
– Then draw the path using pen tool. Make sure that you do not have any fill colors in that path.
– If you have multiple paths like an iphone case with a hole, then draw the outer path of the case and again draw the camera hole. Now you have 2 paths.
– Go to ‘Objects’> ‘Compound path’ > make or use keyboard shortcut( Cmd+8 or Ctrl+8 ).
– Then delete the reference image layer.
– ‘Save as’ the document as SVG with all default options checked.

The final SVG should have a single path as highlighted in the below image.

We have also added this feature to enable print shop owners to customize their own print offerings and features on their own. The process is simple as well as you don’t need professional designers for the job. Looking at the variety of product available in the market and the variety of products online businesses offer we have kept this option open, giving complete control to you.

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