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inkXE is one of the most advanced Product/T-Shirt Design Tool on the web to print custom t-shirts. Aside from performance, features are what makes it this special. One key feature that has acted in enhancing the appeal from the beginning is Image Masking.

Image Masking in advanced Product/T-Shirt Design Tool

Image masking was in really high demand during the initial testing phase that we did over a year ago. T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs are the main products that highly require this feature to be present in the designing tools.

Also, our in-house design experts have created a set of useful masks that can be used to create impressive graphics on custom t-shirts and coffee mugs.

In addition to that, the custom masking option is also there. Design and upload custom masks according to the product or need. For example, if you do not want to allow printing on a shirt pocket, you can create a custom mask and set it up.

See Live Demo

Like Masking, inkXE has a number of many more features (Curve Text, Templates, Free Hand Drawing and lots more) that we will describe in upcoming blogs.

Do check the live demo and try the masking feature. Whereas, if you have any queries, feel free to ping us on the live chat or email us at info@inkxe.com.

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