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A brochure carries in some detail the services or the products your business has to offer. A custom brochure highlights the edge your service or product has compared to others in the market and attempts to inform the potential customer and convert them. Custom brochure printing with inkXE brochure design software lets you design double fold, a trifold custom brochure with matte, as well as a gloss finish.

Design Studio Features of inkXE brochure design software:

  • The designer tool presents the user pre-decorated brochure design templates to choose from. To the selected template, they can add their prepared text and images.
  • The brochure design software allows the user to upload images from Facebook and Instagram. They can apply image filter and image mask to their uploaded pictures.
  • The user has to keep their custom brochure designs inside the safe zone. They get additional help in this regard in the form of bleed mark and crop mark.
  • The brochure design software presents the user with a 3-dimensional preview of their custom brochure design. They are also allowed to save their brochure designs so that they can order/reorder latter with the same design.
  • The custom brochure designs can be shared on social media.

Admin Features of inkXE brochure design software:

  • The printer can set print and price rules for custom brochure printing. They can also add more brochure design templates, cliparts, and fonts.
  • The brochure design software allows the printer to set minimum order quantity for brochure printing.
  • The printer/ admin can access print ready order files in SVG, PNG as well as PDF formats from store admin, designer admin, and the inkXE desktop application.
  • Printers can set up stores with multiple languages, multiple currencies and also multiple color themes. They can also set up multistore with Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart and WooCommerce.
  • The tool enables the printer to set up a marketplace for brochure designers.
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The inkXE product designer tool helps customize and print t-shirts, jerseys, banners, laptop sleeve, mobile cover, flyer, helmet, duvet, poker chips, etc. The tool supports printing methods such as DTG, offset, screen, heat press, laser engraving, foil, embroidery, etc. It’s compatible with various e-commerce based storefronts Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart.

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