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Badges are a matter of pride and their design and customization should reflect that. The inkXE badge designer software comes with a 6-steps-click-to-install wizard and 30 days money back guarantee. The printer/admin has permission to add, edit or remove any feature of the inkXE badge designer online. The tool also provides the printer with an order management software for Windows and Mac OS.

inkXE Badge Designer Software: What the User Gets

Users can start designing their custom badge pins with pre-decorated badge templates or upload their own badge designs. Those starting with design templates can use text effects and image effects of the badge design software in their designs. Uploading of images is possible through Facebook, Instagram and user’s device. To keep the user’s design within safe limits, badge designer provides them with safe zone and bleed mark features. Users can save their designs and place an order for them later. They can share their custom badge designs on social media. The badge designer online tool offers a 3-dimensional preview of the personalized badge design to the customer while they are done with the designing.

inkXE Badge Designer Software: What the Print Shops Get

The tool comes with a bundle of badge design templates, more than 5000 cliparts and 100 fonts. The printer/ print shop may design and add any number of design templates, cliparts, and fonts to the collection. The printer sets dynamic print and pricing rules based on printing methods used. You can also set based on the color variant, size variant, use of exclusive design templates, cliparts, fonts, etc. The badge designer software allows the printer to open multiple stores by configuring the language, currency as well as the color theme of the tool. The printer can also set up a marketplace for badge designs. The badge designer online tool helps the printer create designer profiles under which they showcase their designs with the approval of the printer/admin.

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Online Designer Tool for eCommerce Store -  Free In-Person Demo

The range of products the inkXE product customizer can design include, t-shirts, laptop skins, mobile covers, banners, etc. You can also print photo frames, carpets, jerseys, poker chips, wall decals, stickers, etc. The printer/store owner using printing methods such as screen, s