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3D Printing is the next big thing in printing. We, at inkXE’s R&D labs, have started experimenting with the concepts of 3D printing. Yes, we are planning a new version of inkXE product design tool. We are designing it so that you can use it to custom print in a 3D printer. 3D printers are becoming increasingly available. 3D printers use various technologies to print toys, medical equipment, and even houses. Yes, a Chinese company recently built 10 houses in less than 24 hours using a huge 3D printer.

Our mission of being a tool that will help print anything makes it a natural path for us to get into the printing process. Print anything is quite theoretically the idea behind the printing process. Creating a prototype of early stage models or emailing the design and having it printed anywhere with a 3D printer is a huge potential for manufacturers, architects, and others. Education is one sector where the printing process has gathered a huge interest. Visualization is a popular learning tool and three-dimensional objects will be a great aid for schools and colleges. Jewelry, footwear are a few other places where 3D printing will have immense usage.

3D printing process typically uses plastic, metals, glass as well as concrete. What we intend to do is bring our customers a one place solution. Maybe in the future, a customer will be to design the glass bottle as well as the sticker label using inkXE. We will introduce laser engraving and rhinestone printing in our tool, and this also will have great usability with the introduction of 3D printing.

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3D printing is yet to become a mainstream phenomenon and we can’t wait to see its application in the future. To make inkXE a future-proof product we are including all the latest in print industry including 3D printing so that businesses will have more options to expand their products and services.

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