3dcart Product Designer Tool for Print Shops - inkXE

3dcart Product Designer Plugin

Online Product Designer plugin to take orders from your 3dcart store.

How it works

inkXE integrates seamlessly with 3dcart ecommerce platform. Your customers never leave your store during the purchase process because the designer tool is embedded directly into the purchase flow of the shopping cart.

Manage the cart, checkout, orders, payment gateway, product catalogs etc. from 3dcart admin.

How does 3dcart work with inkXE

Supported Version



  • Even the basic account is feature rich.
  • Numerous free templates, plus many more paid templates.
  • Intuitive user-interface.
  • Superb customer support.
  • All plans offer unlimited products, bandwidth, and storage and no transaction fees.


  • It is less customizable than its competitors.
  • It demands developers’ help.
  • Many features are not available unless you upgrade to the higher plans.
  • POS system only works with limited devices.

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